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  1. dcal

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I rode Dickerson mine for the second time today and there is indeed some serious potential there. I will try this adoption thing, as I will still ride lewmo. Thanks for the info.
  2. dcal

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    This is rather unfortunate. I'm a relatively new rider, but I bike to the LM trail head from my front door and I have witnessed the significant degradation in trails over the past 4 years... I was hoping the trail widening was temporary and we could go in and fix it at some point. Is there any...
  3. dcal

    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    Just got an email from Morris County parks and unless I'm misreading it, lewmo will still be closed.
  4. dcal

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Trails are dried out with the usual soft spots. Good riding.
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