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    1st harescramable.

    Looks like it was a great time! Bummed i missed it this year.
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    1st harescramable.

    Did you ride the Hammer Run on Sunday? how was it? I wasn't able to go this year. I used to ride Enduros but just do the dual sports now on my Husky 310. I did do the Reading Dual sport on October 23rd. That was a blast! Put it on your calendar next year for sure.
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    2008 Niner RIP Medium

    Your gonna regret it......
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    Garmin Edge 605 $200 at Costco

    Thanks for the tip Jeff! Just ordered mine.
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    Ramapo Mountain Video - HD

    Great video, Thanks!
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    History Lesson

    Good read. Thanks for posting!
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    Mountain Man

    I did this race a few years back and it is great fun! $80? ouch
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    Six Mile Group Ride - October 16, 2010

    I am planning on making this ride!
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    Any dirtbike/quad riders?

    I have a street legal Husky dual sport. I used to race enduros but just don't have the time/energy/money anymore. I like to hit the local dual sport events. Thank goodness for all the great MTB riding in NJ to help me get my offroad fix otherwise I don't know what I would do!
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    Riding in the Rain!

    Riding in the rain is fun! Just make sure you maintain your bike afterwords!
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    Directions to Six Mile Run

    When this was first done I was getting confused in there thinking the orange was just faded red. Eventually figured it out though.
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    Bike Cleaning

    I like to use simple green and a nylon brush on the drivetrain. Comes out sparkly clean. Whatever you do make sure you ride it around right after cleaning and dry it out good.
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    Quick Release Installation

    This is what I always knew to be true but like someone said it really doesn't matter.
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    Bridge over troubled waters..

    Great job on the bridge! Had a chance to ride it last night. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!
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    Does anyone know where the parking area is? This will be my first time up there. Is it on route 207 or Weed road? Thanks.
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    Storing bikes...racks

    I actually just purchased one of these about a month ago. It is very sturdy and works with a variety of bikes. It works fine with my 29er and Rampage 2.35 tires although it is a tight fit. If you push the bike into it firmly it will get stuck so that you need to hold the stand and pull the bike...
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    trail damage

    I saw this also. The area over by Jaques Lane is full of hoof prints and is very bumpy. There are also many signs up that they did not clean up.
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    Stolen Bike - Van Dessel Country Bob - Fixed Gear

    Keith - I will keep an eye out since I am right around the corner from you. I will also spread the word to my daughter and her friends in the area. When was it taken? Steve
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    D&R Canal Ride

    If you are already thinking of parking in Bound Brook I would suggest just starting at the beginning in New Brunswick. You can park at Johnson park in Piscataway on River Road. Then just ride across Landing Lane bridge and you are at the start. There are maps and mileages charts here...
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    Bear steals sandwich

    Keep them in your camelbak....
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