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  1. shapeshifter7

    Handlebar height

    What is the advantage of dropping the height on the handlebars other than making your bike more uncomfortable to ride? right now I'm about flushed with the seat height. I started racing this season and I was wondering if there's and actual advantage to dropping the bars more and if so what would...
  2. shapeshifter7

    Jamis H2H Race #8 Tymor Park Challenge

    Anyone doing this race? Im trying to find a map of the course and i can't find anything.
  3. shapeshifter7

    Ride tomorrow

    Anyone up for a ride tomorrow around 5pm at lewis morris or the tourne?
  4. shapeshifter7

    reidlbauer nysmtb race

    anyone doing this race this Sunday Sept 7? if so anyone one knows any camp sites in the area?
  5. shapeshifter7

    Lewis Morris today around 5pm

    thinking about hitting up lewis morris park around 5. if anyone wants to join me
  6. shapeshifter7

    Whats up everyone!

    Hey how you guys doing? joined the site some time ago but never introduced myself. Im in little falls and started riding last year. Just been going to six mile and the tourne. I haven't been riding all winter and just looking to meet up with other people and learn some new trails. I might...
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