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    And another Ringwood map...

    Awesome map!
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    White trail reroute, new trail.

    Err, there is a public map and everything we rode is listed on it. I used Strava because I needed to upload the data from the Garmin to something so I could reinterpret it at a later date. I know most people look at Strava as a wellspring of competitive behavior, but that is just a small...
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    White trail reroute, new trail.

    Fair enough. It was my first time out there without a guide and we were turning down anything that looked passable in the leaves. I don't know the park so I am asking for navigation help. Thanks!
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    White trail reroute, new trail.

    Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but is there an updated map showing what trails have been trashed by the pipeline? I'm out of Brooklyn so I don't really get out to Ringwood very often. I want to be able limit my losses and frustrations (I'm shaking my fist at the pipeline) and stick...
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