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  1. kush

    SOLD FS: 1999 Volvo S80 4dr, $1,200 obo

    SOLD We're moving to California, need to sell one of our cars See pics here, as well as the Kelly blue book value ($2k+) and options summary. $1,200 or best offer, motivated to move this fast. 125,000 miles. We put $4k into it over last 5 years. New struts, shocks, whatnot...
  2. kush

    2010 Large Gary Fisher Rig For Sale

    Selling a championship pedigree bike! Have to clear room in the garage for the new murder Scalpel. A TON of upgrades. I think frame is only thing original. Recently completely tuned up top to bottom by local bike shop, have not rode it since. PRICED TO MOVE AT $1,000. Firm. Or...
  3. kush


    Lots of stuff, pics later Set of Bontrager Race X Lite TLR 29” wheels, true and round, bonty rim strip, skewers, and bonty valve stem included. $200 obo Front only Bontrager Duster TLR 29” wheel, rim strip and bonty valve stem included. $30 For both of the above, setting up your tires...
  4. kush

    2011 (L) Trek Gary Fisher Collection Superfly FRAME only

    For sale 2011 Trek Gary Fisher Collection Superfly FRAME only Size: 19” (Large) Price: $1,000 This is the same frame that Jeremy sold (very quickly) a couple weeks ago. Although it’s at least 30% faster. This is a 2011, which is drastically redesigned...
  5. kush


    My all-time favorite venue for Cross (and MTB actually). Registration opens Fri 8am. Don't miss it, these will fill up fast.
  6. kush

    SSAP 2011 Recaps

    This is the absolute highlight for me - crank the sound! I did alright in the Men's Expert/Open, 25th out of 66. Started out a bit strong and gota bit worn down on 2nd lap; but I really dig the Open cat, guys know how to ride bikes.
  7. kush

    It's that time again ...

    2011 Branchbrook Park Spring Training Series Hard to believe it's here already:getsome: Who's racing next weekend??
  8. kush

    2011 Tour of the Catskills

    I think I'm totally going to do this. I have not done a stage race before. Its the weekend after DH40, so that works nicely into my plan. Friday, August 05, 2011 to Sunday, August 07, 2011 Anyone else??
  9. kush

    Six Mile Time Trial Throwdown - Beat My Time

    The rules are simple - a. Must be this route. b. Has to be proven with GarminConnect data c. Moving time is considered for ranking. Because GC does weird stuff sometimes and because of the road crossing. Addendum: I'm adding also a non-Garmin pool based on a total honor system. Just...
  10. kush

    LewMo Cat 2 Scoresheets

    Cat 2 scoresheets. Sorry for crap quality, and that the -subtract # minutes is cut off Also, they had some issues with Rob's class, 45-49, so that was pulled Single Speed 50+ W19-39 W40+ 35-39 30-34 19-29 40-44 (52 people started!) 40-44...
  11. kush


    Who's doing the PFW A ride tonight (tue may 25th) at 6pm out of Cranbury? If I have company I'll do it, if not, I'll do the local hills in Bucks County. Thanks
  12. kush

    The dispassionate iPad thread

    I played with an iPad today. Our company bought it as we're going to be writing apps for a few of our customers. Not a fan boy of apple, but not a hater either. On the look and feel, this thing looks really good. It feels a bit heavier than expected. The screen is pretty awesome. Way...
  13. kush


    Has anyone tried this stuff? Typically, I don't buy in to a type of supplement that claims to do a LOT of things. However, there are some official looking studies, specifically dealing with an adaptogenic benefits that this may provide...
  14. kush

    Kush's semi-training thread

    Now is the time to lay the Don’t Call it a Comeback to rest. That thread started with a comeback from an MCL tear that had me out for about 8 weeks... well, more like 3 weeks before I got back on the bike for some towpath with the kids, and lots of swimming endless laps for about 6 weeks to...
  15. kush

    Don't Call it a Comeback

    Well, there it is. I'm overcoming my fear of commitment, and giving in to some gentle prodding to branch off on my own. Now I'm going swimming. It's flash updates like this that will keep you riveted to your computer screen. Yesterday was a 14 mile day, first a 9 mile ride in the...
  16. kush

    TDF: Stage 21 - The end

    Well, it was over today actually. Cavendish is a safe bet to take his 6th. For the most part, I liked Le Tour. There were some stages that were just too mathematical, boring. It would have been really lackluster if it weren't for LAs return. I became a fan of the Schleck brothers...
  17. kush

    TDF: Stage 18 - ITT

    News flash - Radio Shack will be the sponsor for Lance's new team. I pick the safe pick, Cancellara
  18. kush

    TDF: Stage 17

    So all of a sudden I'm getting text messages from Armstrong's Twitter. Not sure why now all of a sudden. Maybe he likes me, and only me. And I'm at work, so not watching the Tour. Apparently there is some drama :rolleyes:
  19. kush

    TDF: Stage 13 Vittel → Colmar

    The big news is that Levi is out with a broken wrist. With two Cat 1's and a 17 km Cat 2, the sprinters will not be near the lead after a 21 km downhill finish. Any rider with a 2 min lead over the Col du Firstplan should hold on...
  20. kush

    TDF Stage 8: Andorra-la-Vella → Saint-Girons (176km)

    Something clever, bla bla. I pick Armstrong :getsome: (for either the yellow or stage win)
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