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    The view counts on this site.

  2. MadisonDan

    What are you watching now?

    Current situation:
  3. MadisonDan

    Bazillion Chain Wax

    Actually….. I have no idear
  4. MadisonDan

    Mo Wilson story

  5. MadisonDan


    thanks... Yeah, I currently have the shifter outboard of the brake, and it's too close, but I feel like on the other side of the brake clamp will be a little too far away...
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  7. MadisonDan


    Anyone w/Shimano brakes and SRAM shifty bits try this? Wood bee for XT brake/GX AXS combo.... WolfToof haz one also
  8. MadisonDan


    @Leadman ???
  9. MadisonDan

    Bazillion Chain Wax

    Isn't Silca overkill in general? seems about right...
  10. MadisonDan

    Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail Frame

    Yes, raise hell... get the 2020 frame, but in a medium plz....
  11. MadisonDan

    2022 Fun Monday @ Chimney Rock

    :( W'ingFH today and planning on making it... Not sure I could lead doe..
  12. MadisonDan

    The DIY thread - DIYourself

  13. MadisonDan

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Conditions this morning were primo. I expected lower Trestle and Maze to be soggy…. Bone dry.
  14. MadisonDan

    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    Been using these gloves for pretty much every project. Having rheumatoid arthritis, I find the extra grip to be extremely helpful, but still have as much tactile feel as I need. Way thicker than the blue nitrile gloves from Home Depot. Plus, they’re orange.
  15. MadisonDan

    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    I had 5 liters of the Pils above. Is that a lot?
  16. MadisonDan

    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    Bitburger Pils @Reichenbach Hall
  17. MadisonDan

    Allaire Conditions

    Yes. Maybe/yes.
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