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  1. Chris Nordt

    Found! shimano V-brakes - thank you!

    Looking for a set of shimano front v-brakes for my Gary Fisher Joshua Y frame build! It has a set of XT brakes on it now, but one of them fell apart as i was swapping forks and it just won't go back together.. so I'm hoping one of you guys has a set laying around you aren't using since you are...
  2. Chris Nordt

    Iso 1 1/8 threadless 26" suspension fork

    I'm getting my 96 Gary Fisher Joshua Y back on the trails and i need a new fork. The suspension fork on there now is toast, so I'm hoping one of you have an old rockshox/manitou fork laying around the garage collecting dust.. i don't care if it's beat up, just that it's functional! I don't feel...
  3. Chris Nordt

    Seasucker bike rack - Sold

    $300 - New Selling my unoped/unused seasucker rack. Purchased to use with my old car, by the time i got the rack (took months) i sold the car and bought a new one that i don't need a bike rack for.
  4. Chris Nordt

    6 Mile ride this weekend?? Welcome newbs!!

    trying to get in a ride at 6 mile either Saturday/Sunday morning, (weather permitting)it'll be very casual since I'm still building up my legs/stamina but for any of you new to the area that just want a tour of the park, or if you are new to trail biking and don't want anything too fast passed...
  5. Chris Nordt

    Heloooo again! Long time no post

    Well after 2 years and just as many surgeries, and another stroke (yes, I've had 3) but the cause has been removed,, i finally got back on the bike earlier this week!! Only did a loop at Cheesequake, wanted to stay local and keep things simple till I can build my stamina back up. I hope to hit...
  6. Chris Nordt

    ISO: Narrow wide chainring 9 sp 104 BCD

    Looking for a narrow wide chainring for a single speed front, 9 so chain, 104 BCD.. let me know what ya got!
  7. Chris Nordt

    Frame swap??

    I've got a late 90's/early 2000 Trek 8000 frame (Large) w/Bontrager seat post and Manitou suspension fork I'm looking to swap for a decent small mountain frame. The Trek belonged to my cousin who has passed and he decided to take every decal off the bike, thus why I'm not 100% certain on the...
  8. Chris Nordt

    Thule Bike Rack

    Selling my Thule Blade roof rack and bike rack , picked up an SUV so I don't need it anymore. The set will include the following parts.. Thule Aeroblade ARB47 blades Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack KIT1312 Thule 599XTR bike rack Selling complete set for $350, let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Chris Nordt

    For my fellow "rim brakers"

    I wanted to start a forum for all my vintage riders out there, those of you still on 10+ year old bikes, rocking 26" rims and stopping with rim brakes. Show off those old school rides, bring up any maintenance or parts questions you may have.. Keep those vintage rides rollin!!! I've got 3 old...
  10. Chris Nordt

    Winter rides..??

    I know most of us convert to hibernation mode once November hits, but I'd love to get in a few rides before the trails are complete snow. I know afternoon rides, especially after work, are no more thanks to the time change.. but the weekends are still game. The morning are a bit chilly, but...
  11. Chris Nordt

    Who's riding Wed/Thurs???

    Looking to get a ride in either Wednesday or Thursday after work (so around 5:30-6:00, depending how far the trail is from work). I can always hit Cheesequake since it's by my house, but it's short, full of roots, and riding by myself can get laim.. what's the fun in falling with no one there to...
  12. Chris Nordt

    Grip shift fitment issue!!

    I've been using grip shift for years and never had an issue with fitment till now when I picked up a carbon fiber Easton monkey lite bar. The shifter will slip on an inch or 2 then get jammed up, but they slide on and off my alloy bars with out an issue. Is this a common thing, do I need a...
  13. Chris Nordt

    Finished Fish build!

    I've spend the past few weeks/month gathering and installing parts to rebuild my 1996 Gary Fisher Joshua Y. I had planned to be done much sooner, but moving and the birth of my child delayed things a bit. But finally between waiting on parts, moving boxes, and changing diapers I was able to...
  14. Chris Nordt

    Drivetrain conversion assistance

    I'm looking to convert my current 9x3 setup to a 11x1. Do any of you guys running that setup have any suggeestions as far as parts/specs? Also I've heard the 11 speed cassette will fit a 8-9-10 hub, any truth to that? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Chris Nordt

    Vintage bike forum??

    I'm an old school rider that did more serious biking back in the late 90's/early 00's, and after about 20 years off for school, work, marraige, etc I'm getting back in to the swing of things. After looking at what's popular on the market today I must say I still prefer my Gary Fisher Paragon...
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