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    E-bikes are a thing

    Im 52 and broken. I ride a 45lb. Surly Moonlander now. The ebike I'm looking at weighs almost the same with 180mm. of travel. Seems like a no brainer.
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    Fat Bike PORN.

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    Yes it is. I am usually arriving when everyone else is leaving.
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    Thats me.
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    I ran legit 4psi on the button today. 100x4.8 4psi.
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    The rock is just fine. Blue is a bit slippery because the sun hasn't made it through yet. White is a little wetter and there are a lot of foot prints. Didnt try red but heard it was better than blue due to foot traffic down low. Blue White
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    i am down for tomorrow at CR or 6 mi
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    Sourlands 9am Wednesday

    Nice bumping into you today.
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    Fat Bike Questions

    i am going today what time are you going?
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    Fat Bike PORN.

    Working out the bugs. That's coffee in the cage on the forks :D
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    Fat Bike PORN.

    Bigger is better.
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    Fat Bike PORN.

    Better save one of them leftys for me son :getsome:
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    Fat bike ride tomorrow 12/9

    It was the thought that counted. I finished off the Christmas trees :p
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    Fat bike ride tomorrow 12/9

    Anyone Interested I 6mi or CR around 10am?
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    Sandman Javelina fork

    i cant wait for full suspension fat bikes.
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    2012 Horseshoe Scramble pictures

    sweet pics. thanks for taking them.
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    Fat Bike Race @ HorseShoe Scramble

    Hell yeah son! I got the lander all decked out and I got flat pedals on so there is no compatibility issues.
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    Surly Fat Fork!

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    I just posted up a video of the 24" tube method on fat bike life,
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    Fat Bike race in NJ?

    fat bikers will travel for the event. It ain't about the race, it's about the adventure.
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