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  1. seanrunnette

    Cancer - The Big C

    Hold fast Manny ❤️
  2. seanrunnette

    Group Ride 3/20

    So stoked I was on the rump end. Took the lower road into Highbridge on the way back. Beautiful! Awesome seeing everyone :) Thanks for organizing @pooriggy
  3. seanrunnette

    Generic Pro Road Cycling Thread

    Polemica! Drooper post FTW!
  4. seanrunnette

    Hi Jeff! I may be down on Friday, if you or Susie are around? Does this thing break down in...

    Hi Jeff! I may be down on Friday, if you or Susie are around? Does this thing break down in the middle? - I know, bolts, not for daily storage. Just wondering which vehicle to bring... Prolly just the farm truck :) You can text me at 973 975 7645
  5. seanrunnette

    Concept 2 ski erg

    LOL! I don't. God that takes me back.
  6. seanrunnette

    Concept 2 ski erg

  7. seanrunnette

    Concept 2 ski erg

    This is a yes. I'll take it. Possible to pickup this weekend?
  8. seanrunnette

    Garmin watch?

    What's the question? Assuming it's an e bike thing? If the Wahoo fails on any level, it's the sleep/body battery type stuff. Pretty much everyone has them beat on that. I've gone over to a Coros, but you may be best served by a Garmin. Plug and play.
  9. seanrunnette

    Polar Ignite smartwatch $45

    Bought this used from eBay a few years ago - a cheap way to find out if all this smartness is worth the effort. Face has scratches, which I tried to get in the pics. Not visible when the watch is on. It's a touch face, which can be fun, or annoying. Also the battery drains quickly as the...
  10. seanrunnette

    Wahoo Elemnt Rival watch $175 obo

    Bought new, used for a couple of days. Not in love. Wahoo has been updating the crap out of software lately. DCRainmaker review. Check the update reviews as well. $175 obo. Pick up in Denville, or I can ship on your dime.
  11. seanrunnette

    Rival power meter crankset, BB press, Bearing remover

    Slowly clearing out the bins. Stages Rival GXP crankset, 180mm. Well used for many many seasons of CX. Power meter is still 100% (Even though @UtahJoe hates Stages with a passion) $75 Wheels Mfg universal BB press (with Park BB30/PF30 press adaptors) $40 Not sure if this is made anymore...
  12. seanrunnette

    Book Suggestions Wanted

  13. seanrunnette

    SURF does not SUCK

  14. seanrunnette

    Carbon tubular wheelset, plus tires and wheelbag $225

    $225 Tubular curious? Unbranded but strong as sh*t carbon fiber tubular wheelset. Weighs in at 1650g with cassette Hope Evo Pro2 hubs 15x100, 12x142 Some spoke rash from a dropped chain Still dead true after two years of cx use, races only. Includes one each Clement PDX, Challenge Baby Limus...
  15. seanrunnette

    Stans Grail wheelset, plus addl tires and wheelbag $275

    $275 Stans Grail ZTR wheelset 32 spoke 11-32 Cassette (prolly 105) Bitex hubs, 15x100 - 12x142. (12x100 front hub spacers can be purchased from Bikehubstore dot com.) Currently set up tubeless Hutch Overides mounted, holding air (4 months since I've used 'em and they're still inflated) Also 1 pr...
  16. seanrunnette

    Raritan 911: Robocop

    @Captain Brainstorm please don't hijack @Carson's thread.
  17. seanrunnette

    Raritan 911: Robocop

    Can we keep this thread on track please?
  18. seanrunnette

    2020 Supercross Cup Cancelled

    That's like 400x longer than a crit, so I think it balances out.
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