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  1. gmb3

    Sourlands TM Session Sat 5/21 9am

    That's awesome! Looks a lot wetter there than i would have expected by this point.
  2. gmb3

    Classic bike ride, show, parade?

    Pending family obligations, I would definitely return (and hopefully actually ride this time).
  3. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    Judging by the TM section today I'd say we need 2-3 dry days before riding here.
  4. gmb3

    Sourlands TM Session Sat 5/21 9am

    Thanks to all who came out and braved the heat and mud to get a long muddy section armored (Mike, Jason, Mark, Ryan, Ranger Cary and 2 hikers). Did the first mud pit you hit as you enter the woods. It's messy now but will harden up.
  5. gmb3

    Annual TOS Shuttle Ride - May 22nd (*new date)

    Keep me posted for freeride. Likely out for Sunday but if by some chance I can make it, I'll msg you.
  6. gmb3

    Things that make you frown :(

    3 nails last month and now this! W.T.F!?!?!
  7. gmb3

    The 2022 lawn thread

    3rd directional cut today. I know cutting before the heat wave isn't great but shit was long and I got shit to do this wknd. That's what sprinklers are for. EGo walk behind with self propel doing well so far.
  8. gmb3

    Sourlands TM Session Sat 5/21 9am

    bump, and doubly stressing the bring your own water part!
  9. gmb3

    Sourlands TM Session Sat 5/21 9am

    yeah, weather is looking like mid-summer conditions. Let's hope the forecast changes before then. Any other takers?
  10. gmb3

    Sourlands TM Session Sat 5/21 9am Come join us for the first Sourlands trail work session of the season. Meet at the main Sourlands parking lot and look for the Park Ranger truck. Tools and instruction will be provided, but please bring your own work gloves, sturdy shoes...
  11. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    All trees reported to Park Rangers. 5/21 is first TM day. Will create Jorba event and post here shortly.
  12. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    But there is no more C or Circle loop. Does "C" mean C Trail Climb? Does "Circle Loop" mean Parking Lot Loop?
  13. gmb3

    Annual TOS Shuttle Ride - May 22nd (*new date)

    i'd be happy if it's moved to 22nd but don't move for me.
  14. gmb3

    Free Toro Lawnmower

    it's gone! lock it up!
  15. gmb3

    Looking for apt to rent. North NJ

    Sorry to hear that, good luck to you. When i lived in Hoboken, my apt actually had a spigot on the outside of the building. The super removed the knob when he wasn't using it but a quick trip to Home Cheapo for a knob, 6' length of hose and a spray nozzle and i was in business! Maybe find a...
  16. gmb3

    Lipault Paris Carry-On Suitcase

    does momma need a new carry-on?
  17. gmb3

    Asics gel kayano 27 women's running shoes

    last minute big-footed momma day gift?
  18. gmb3

    Free Toro Lawnmower

    i keep forgetting to put this out on garbage night. Anyone want it?
  19. gmb3

    Pay it Forward

    free Pivot trucker hat still available
  20. gmb3

    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    Selling Old Yelli when Maniak comes? DIBS!
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