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  1. Tony13

    Garmin or Wahoo???

    So which one is better? Which one is better suited for a straight up trail rider? What do you like about yours and what do you dislike. I've never ridden with one ... ever. But I can kind of see the advantage.
  2. Tony13

    Disturbing "no helmet" trend

    I've noticed that there is a ton of helmetless riders on the trails ever since the pandemic has subsided. Most of them are on box store bikes and are new and very inexperienced riders. I casually mentioned it to a group of ladies who were bouncing their way down the trail this morning.
  3. Tony13

    Is there an address??

    Going to be headed down south in the morning, and i cant find a solid address to the trail head of CCC. Also this may sound stupid but is GCC the same trail as CCC? If someome could shed a little light it would be appreciated.
  4. Tony13

    Here we go again

    Hey everyone. Tony from Bayville here. After a long break ( about 3 years) I'm back. A lot has changed since I was gone, Titec is out of business and Geax tires are now Vittoria and Kenda has scaled back their tire offerings to only a handful of designs. So I'll be on the forums trying to catch...
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