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  1. Deezul

    Loosing shops left and right

    I like them guys there, is a good shop! Could stop there, Pelican Ski, and Baja Fresh all in one shot! Get all my expensive addictions covered.
  2. Deezul

    Hugh amount of potholes this year..

    I work in Newark, on one of the industrial roads there was a pothole that someone literally threw a tire into it was so huge. I've blown tires twice on company vehicles because of potholes. But yea, there are some definite car/bike/pedestrian eating potholes out there. I can see why they...
  3. Deezul

    You can finally stop spending $ on your bike..

    My sweet Nike Air kicks make me jump higher and run has to be true, they're more expensive!
  4. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    An antivirus program isn't really designed to detect what you are trying to remove. It is not a virus, but rather spyware/malware/browser hijacker. Sometimes antivirus programs pick them up, but their definitions files don't really include spyware. Also, check your PM!
  5. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    Some network support for Macs on occasion :p what goes up must go down as they say. I found Macs to be much more...frustrating...since they allow much less user tweaking of settings and troubleshooting.
  6. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    If anyone has any other computer issues I would be happy to assist. I worked as a computer/network technician for a few years while I was an undergrad at Rutgers, and it is really just fun for me.
  7. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    Yea everything under the header in the logfile. It will be very long, if you want to send it in a PM thats fine, or you can post here. Should look something like this Running processes: C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe C:\Program...
  8. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    Hehe, not quite. You want to download the exe file from the website save it to desktop. Then go onto your desktop and open the file. It will say something about accepting the license agreement, accept it, then clicky the top...
  9. Deezul

    Limewire Down

    This is most likely a browser hijacker (think virus) Download and install Hijack This and say do a system scan and save a log file. Copy the contents of the log file and paste it here and we can see if there is something awry. DO NOT click fix this, or fix...
  10. Deezul

    Government considers disabling cellphones in cars

    I have heard that it doesn't actually brake for you, but rather pre-charges the brakes and gives a warning if its radar system detects there may be a collision. It seems like a good feature to have, I don't think it is nearly the level of GUBBERMENT TAKIN AWAY MAH FREDUMZ!
  11. Deezul

    Sub $500 Laptop Recommendations

    DDR3 won't get you noticeable performance over DDR2 on a motherboard, so I read, maybe 2% increase. I didn't even realize that DDR3 was coming out for main boards yet, its been about 2 years since I built a computer. The Core2 Duo isn't "really" outdated yet, but it is for laptops. It's a...
  12. Deezul

    Garmin Connect Switch to Bing Maps

    I love love love the aerial photos from Bing though. The sat photos from both don't show nearly the detail that the aerials do on Bing.
  13. Deezul

    PC vs Mac I know loaded ?

    The only reason there are no Mac viruses is because they are not popular enough to justify people making them. I have never had a virus on my PCs, but then again I love to tinker and replace parts and upgrade and keep all my antivirus/spyware programs updated. I have built all my own PCs...
  14. Deezul

    Monmouth County Parks- Deer Hunting Question

    I've been riding all over in the winter...I have seen a hunter once, and he was sitting in his pickup at the trailhead. I think they stay away from the trails generally. I've heard different things about hunters and bikers, some hunters love bikers because they keep the deer moving, some...
  15. Deezul

    Monmouth County Parks- Deer Hunting Question

    You are more likely to get hit by a deer running around than an arrow following a deer. If you are worried get a safety orange vest or some bells or something of the sort. I don't think hunting is allowed on Sunday
  16. Deezul

    *Stolen* 2010 Specialized Demo 8

    If you don't have any, the quick check, that car repair shop, and that (apartment complex?) near the shop should have some, though I'm sure the police are already looking into those...I mean, he had to ride somewhere with it and there aren't many options where to go and not get tagged by a...
  17. Deezul

    2011 Cannondale's are up...

    Anything still being made in Bedford or is it all overseas now?
  18. Deezul

    Cougars spotted

    I don't think the DEP would try this, there is too much liability on their part. Also, there is a lot of evidence that predator introduction always goes real bad See: Toads in Australia I mean, if it was to get out and eat someone's baby and they took it down and found like...a property of...
  19. Deezul

    Nothing to see here

    EDIT: This thread is probably going to get deleted Do ya think? - Norm
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