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  1. CDub

    MTBNJ Group Ride: Stewart State Forest (8/21)

    Nice, was already planning to ride there @ 8-8:30. May hang back until 9...
  2. CDub

    2010 Van Dessel Jersey Devil 29er HT (large)

    Hovers around 23lbs despite being a 29er. Edit: reduced to $1100 obo Stan's ZTR 355 + high end Hope Hubs Maxxis Aspen 2.1" (95% tread) Schwalbe Nobby Nick EVO 2.25" (95% tread) Schwalbe Rocket Ron EVO 2.25" (80% tread) Maxxis Cross Mark 2.1" x2 (80% tread) Rockshox REBA SL Dual Air fork Cane...
  3. CDub

    Factory NEW GT Force Carbon Pro frame (medium)

    This bike MSRPs for $7100! Edit: reduced to $1400 obo Frame comes with a used rear shock - Fox RP23 - just rebuilt with RWC needle bearing replacing the DU bushings. Depending on price I also have a bunch of spare parts (hanger, pivot components, etc.)
  4. CDub

    carbon frames

    I've had a GT Force Carbon for a couple years now. I did crack a chainstay once but I drifted around a turn fast and smashed into a boulder with considerable force. Cost me about $250 for Calfee to repair. The carbon is not lighter but the way it responds to bumps and transmits the terrain to...
  5. CDub

    Looking for a new REAR tire

    Two combos I have enjoyed: Dry - WTB Weirwolf up front and Kenda Nevegal in back. Wet/muddy - Maxxis Ardent in front and Maxxis Ignitor for the rear. Both these combos give a similar grip profile: the front has better lateral (turning) traction so in turns you can flick the rear around and not...
  6. CDub

    Last minute ride at 6mr

    There is a group of us riding there at 12pm tomorrow. BTW - it is raining up here by me and it is headed toward Jersey now. 6MR @ 10am will be quite muddy and slick. Might want to delay the ride an hour or two.
  7. CDub

    Bike light

    Yup, makes for a nice rectangular beam just wide enough to cover singletrack.
  8. CDub

    Bike light

    I've been rocking this light with great success. For $49, buy two!
  9. CDub

    MCBP picture and video thread

    Or, you know, work on your skills until you can go fast enough over the rough section :D Just because you can't hit it yet doesn't mean it needs to be fixed (see this thread for more drama along that theme).
  10. CDub

    MCBP picture and video thread

    As soon as I saw "outlaw / tempest" I knew exactly where you crashed. Gotta commit to that rock launch with a lot of speed, which is hard because it is really rough right before it. Many a person has been bucked off casing the edge of that landing.
  11. CDub

    Repairs to Toe Booties

    I've found that tyvek envelopes (USPS mailing envelope) folded into a sock have worked better than any bootie/covering. Can't beat the price too.
  12. CDub


    If you actually read the words around the video, you would know that this prototype does not have sidewalls but that the final product will have a thin skin to keep debris out of the tire :D
  13. CDub

    10/27 Saturday Mtn Creek

    Sat and Sun don't look to good for weather right now...
  14. CDub

    10/27 Saturday Mtn Creek

    I'll be there Sat and/or Sun. Going to have to make my own trails up here to get my fix until next spring.
  15. CDub

    It only hurts when I laugh...

    I always wear armor but the bar went in just below the rib/chest plate. Did it right at the end of Frog Pond; there's a wood bridge over a ditch and I slid off the wet wood and into that ditch sideways. Ripped a few spoke spoke nuts clean off and bent the front rim at about 10 deg. Done this...
  16. CDub

    It only hurts when I laugh...

    Picked this sweet thing up today at MCBP! That's not a scrape, that's an insta-bruise from a handlbar attempting to pass through my ribs.
  17. CDub

    Six Mile Tomorrow?

    I think there may be a few more of us riding there tomorrow if it doesn't rain hard (I hear those trails are sensitive to rain and I don't want to contribute to damage).
  18. CDub

    Leatt on chainlove

    Only size small available but here ya go ($215):
  19. CDub

    MCBP picture and video thread

    Looks like you had fun. A little tip based on the direction of the camera in turns: look as far into the apex of the turn as you can instead of what's right in front of you (on the wall rides you are staring at your front wheel, for example). It feels weird at first but you'll be more stable...
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