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    Elm ridge or round top?

    Which would you choose to ride for the day in the catskills and why?
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    Curts cyclery nazareth closed

    FYI Curts cyclery in nazereth is no more.
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    For sale tonneau cover bak roll x

    Bak roll x tonneau cover came off of a 2014 gmc Sierra 6 1/2 foot bed length. Cost me $1000 selling for $500 Keeps your stuff secure and can hold weight on top of it. Rolls up and gets mostly out of the way locks down in place when it is down and you need to open the tailgate to get into and...
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    2021 garden thread

    Well it feels like spring today, too bad there's still a foot and a half of snow on the ground! Anybody start their seeds yet? I started 4 trays of 72 pods each so far. I would say more than half have already germinated and I had to move them off the heating pad and under the lights. Lots of...
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    For Sale Garmin Instinct Tactical GPS smart watch

    For Sale Garmin Instinct Tactical edition in flat dark earth color GPS smart watch bought last year for $350. Asking $190. any questions feel free to ask I upgraded to a fenix 6 pro saphire. This watch has been awesome very light and comfortable and gps is great on rides. Location is warren...
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    New gear is here!!

    Time to see what this whole clipless thing is all about! Got a set of mallet e ls and a pair of five ten hellcats in today. Set up the cleats and did a quick test ride in the rain and dark(probably not the best test scenario). everything was going well till I tried the log skinny at my house...
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