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    Gary Fisher Collection Xcal (17in)

    Is this a 29 ? What year?
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    Cannondale F29 Carbon 3 Mountain Bike

    whats the size?
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    Various Closeout Bikes

    Any medium Cannondale F29er 4 CARBON available?
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    Parts sale

    tried to respond to your pm your box in full pmed you regarding picking it up tonite please pm me if your available
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    Ill take d pedals

    Ill take d pedals
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    lefty fork 110 mm

    i was just wonderung if someone has a used lefty fork 110 mm for a rush.
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    bargain cranks and cassettes

    thanks kev ...i was just reading up in some of the boards that 120 was overkill for the sl so i just wanna make sure the travel does not ruin the geometry of the frame.. a lot of them are using the lefty 110
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    bargain cranks and cassettes

    i will kevin i spoke to .. i just want to know if a 130mm revelation is too much travel for a rush frame ... he might have to change the travel to a 120 .. still looking for parts for my build..
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    bargain cranks and cassettes

    This is for my backup 'bargain' bike that I'm building up from my old components that is just laying around in my garage .. i wanna keep the cost down . because its my secondary bike
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    bargain cranks and cassettes

    ok guys now i need your opinion on cranksets before i order FSA Dynadrive $50 Shimano Deore FCM442 $35 Truvative Blaze isis 50 Alivio 40 or should i get the LX FCR582 for $100 Raceface XC Xtype is 69 but I heard bad things about RF cranks cassettes should i go for a SRAM PG950 for...
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    bargain hydro brakes

    modulation but do the mechs offer any kind of modulation? I have juicy 5's and i like them except for the noise im thinking just upgrading them and moving my old 5's to my back up rig that im building
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    bargain hydro brakes

    i just want your opinion on tektro auriga hydros for 49 in jensonor the hayes stroker trail for 65 bucks . ineed to know w/c is the better buy thanks
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    Crank Brothers Pedals

    Hey Tim, I have a pair of smarty's lightly used ... went back to shimaos 30 buck obo me manny
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    31.8mm handle bar wanted

    I have a raceface low riser 31.8 20 bucks
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    Lightly used stuff

    dibs on thre rocket v saddle ifstill available
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