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  1. Sven Migot

    12 Hours of PJ

    Rule #5
  2. Sven Migot

    12 Hours of PJ

    Heading up today! Probably more for the camping than the racing. But who cares? Bikes, beers & bro(ette)'s 🤘🏻
  3. Sven Migot

    Fun Monday alternate

    6 mile :thumbsup:
  4. Sven Migot

    Albany area riding

    The Saratoga trails will not disappoint. Some of the best. Enjoy!
  5. Sven Migot

    Albany area riding

    Also here. Not sure how technical. I haven't been there myself.
  6. Sven Migot

    Albany area riding

    Saratoga trails off of Daniels Rd. Plenty of gnarr, but check conditions if recent rain.
  7. Sven Migot

    Jim's training thread

    So they're dumbing down the tow path? What about the challenging rocky goodness? 😜
  8. Sven Migot

    Jungle Habitat is back in H2H in 2022

    It went up to $250
  9. Sven Migot

    Iron Furnace Endurance Race 5/1/2022

    Liked for appropriate substitution of "race". Riding sounds much better. In for N lap(s)...
  10. Sven Migot

    Best Derailleur Cable & Housing Cutters

    AXS cuts the cable. All of it...
  11. Sven Migot

    Sirius XM chatter

    Well, that didn't last long. Now it says I need to sign up/activate.
  12. Sven Migot

    Pretty sure this is a Russian Bot

    Another Russian bot?
  13. Sven Migot

    Sirius XM chatter

    My current plan is in the 60s and I get everything. It's due to renew next month. If I don't get the same price I'm bailing. I know I have to call to get it.
  14. Sven Migot

    Sirius XM chatter

    Good to know. I don't need those either. My receiver stopped working so I plugged in an old one just to see if it still works. I'm getting all the channels even thought it's not activated...
  15. Sven Migot

    BIYF - 2021/2022 - No Frills

    3/14 Unicorn Farts
  16. Sven Migot

    Port Jervis Watershed

    Agreed. I bailed too. Dangerous travel, heavy wet snow & high winds to knock down trees/branches. Everything turning to ice later. Not worth it or fun.
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