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  1. WinTaper

    Speed Limit 15... Somebody needs to tell them - bicycles do not have speedometers
  2. WinTaper

    First Wharton Experience

    So I had my first experience at Wharton on Sunday. I did the big Orange Trail loop. Wow, now that's a lotta singletrack. It was quite fun - and a serious workout getting through all of it. Definitely worth the trip every now and then - I ride Allaire mostly, as I am close to it, which is totally...
  3. WinTaper

    Climb/Descent right of way?

    What is the preferred etiquette is regarding climb/descent cross-yielding on a narrow trail? I know its hard to stop when cruising downhill, but on the other hand - it really sucks to have to stop and restart in the middle of a climb. I guess I'm a passive guy so I usually just yield if there's...
  4. WinTaper

    Some good beginner trails actually

    OK so its not the premiere trail park for serious biking - but Turkey Swamp has some good trails for the beginner/young rider. I like the Manasquan Trail... very wide singletrack (1.5?!) with no climbs or drops and not much in the way of roots. The Alder and Lenape trails are also nice easy...
  5. WinTaper

    New forum member from Wall, NJ

    Hello MTBNJ! I'm a new member from Wall, NJ - just getting back into mountain biking after many years off. Got myself a brand spankin' new Santa Cruz Bronson full suspension bike. I've been riding Allaire, Shark River Park and Turkey Swamp Park mostly. Plan to check out Hartshorne Woods soon...
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