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  1. CDub

    2010 Van Dessel Jersey Devil 29er HT (large)

    Hovers around 23lbs despite being a 29er. Edit: reduced to $1100 obo Stan's ZTR 355 + high end Hope Hubs Maxxis Aspen 2.1" (95% tread) Schwalbe Nobby Nick EVO 2.25" (95% tread) Schwalbe Rocket Ron EVO 2.25" (80% tread) Maxxis Cross Mark 2.1" x2 (80% tread) Rockshox REBA SL Dual Air fork Cane...
  2. CDub

    Factory NEW GT Force Carbon Pro frame (medium)

    This bike MSRPs for $7100! Edit: reduced to $1400 obo Frame comes with a used rear shock - Fox RP23 - just rebuilt with RWC needle bearing replacing the DU bushings. Depending on price I also have a bunch of spare parts (hanger, pivot components, etc.)
  3. CDub

    It only hurts when I laugh...

    Picked this sweet thing up today at MCBP! That's not a scrape, that's an insta-bruise from a handlbar attempting to pass through my ribs.
  4. CDub

    Dropper seatposts legal?

    I have been scouring the rules and searching the 'net to see if a dropper seatpost is legal for CX racing. So far, I have found nothing to indicate it is not allowed. For those wondering why, I like bunny hopping tall objects in the woods, not a big fan of sack taps, and I can carve faster...
  5. CDub

    MCBP Sunday 7/8

    I'll be there around 9am. Might have one or two others with me.
  6. CDub

    MCBP July 4th

    Anyone else going in the morning?
  7. CDub

    MCBP Saturday

    Anyone going tomorrow? May also hit it up on Sunday morning...
  8. CDub

    MTB demo/rental?

    My sister and her BF are coming in from Oregon for the week and they could not ship their bikes out. Does anyone know of a good place to snag a rental or demo for a few days?
  9. CDub

    Eastern States Cup #2 - Plattekill - Preride

    Course is fast but not really challenging technically. Really wish we were running the same course as cat1/pro; they have a couple big drops, more bermed turns, and steeper sections.
  10. CDub

    Video from MCBP Race

    First, but not last, DH race. Was a ton of fun...
  11. CDub

    MCBP Saturday

    Who's going?
  12. CDub

    New Ride and Plattekill 4/14

    It's such a tease only having Blue Mtn. to ride on. Anyone else planning to hit Plattekill's opening day next week?
  13. CDub

    Anyone interested in riding CX on MTB trails?

    No one wants to ride CX on MTB trails up by me so I figured I'd post here. More and more I've been riding trails at Blue Mt (in NY), Ringwood, Jungle Habitat, etc. on a CX bike and really enjoying the challenge. Makes me a better MTB rider. Anyone else down for getting a group ride going...
  14. CDub

    Last Minute: Sprain Ridge, Sunday 1/8

    It's right above Yonkers, and not a big trip from NJ. A ton of great rocks to climb, singletrack, and an awesome 15 minutes loop that has a tons of rocks to climb and jump and drop off of? Any takers?
  15. CDub

    Banshee Legend MKII: Opinions?

    About to pull the trigger on a build using the Legend frame. Anyone with experience or thoughts on the frame or the brand?
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