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    Is a highend drivetrain like XTR or XX1 worth the price?

    I have finally built a bike I enjoy. Ive had bikes with too little travel and some too much now I have a jamis dakar xam and love it. I can almost justify the price on nicer gear- For example the Rockshox Totem fork 700.00 but at 5lbs its light, stiff, air adjustable tons of travel and works...
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    Brake Upgrade

    idk what you people do to your brakes. I had bb7s. great brakes with 203s.- you can step it up to hayes 9s for 50 a piece with 203s...those are pretty good. I never had any problem with my hayes 9s. This is all cheap entry level stuff but really great for the price. Overall, the avid code is...
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    IPhone gps app and map downloads

    I thought there was iPhone apps for tracking your rides. I did a search but couldn't find anything. I think there were trail maps you can dl. Anyway if anyone could point me in that direction it would be much aprexiated.
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    full face helmets ? full face dot approved for 60 bucks. They are a bit beefier than the most DH specific helmets at half the price. I have one and love it. * Galaxy Helmets Graphic Alien Color Off-Road Helmet * Youth & Adult Sizes * Aerodynamic Polycarbonate Composite Outer Shell...
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    Fork Freezes in cold weather....

    i changed the oil and it works great now! thanks for the advice, the old oil had water in it and it was so dirty it looked like mud.
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    Fork Freezes in cold weather....

    so this is the second or third time Ive went on a ride in below 30 degree weather. (My fork is a manitou stance flow, nothing special.) Freezes up to the point where its practically doesnt work. After putting it into the garage it warms up and works fine. Is there any way to prevent this? A...
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    gold trim?
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    Night Riding?

    bike confiscated? this sounds like the "permanent record" thing they used to threaten you with in public school lol.... (there is no such thing as a permanent record)
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    Diablo in October?

    im in. Anyone hit that 13 footer yet?
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    ZEP orange degeaser & handwash

    that stuff is great. Also another good one is a product called "scubs" Its a disposable towel/napkin type that has a scruffy soap like substance similar to the soap you are talking about. The great thing about them is that you dont need water, and the sandy feel takes the grease off instantly...
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    derailleur upgrades????

    id definitly go for the 9spd 11=34 those extra teeth would help on steep climbs. however, its possible since it was an 8 spd that it has an 8 spd cassette, wich means you would either have to get the wheel relaced with an 9sd hub or get a new wheel with 9spd compatibility. As far as...
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    Building new bike

    just bought one. SIMPLY LOVE IT! I thought maybe it would be too much rear travel for xc. The rear shock really surprised me and keeps bob minimal until you hit big drops. Thought maybe it would be too heavy but after I put the entire bike together it weighs around 29 pounds. not bad, and I...
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    8 inch brakes+more stopping power?or just cooler

    so i got 7 inch rotors for my xc bike. Im about 200 lbs and need all the stopping power i can get. My brakes work well. As im looking at the rotor, I thought 8 inch rotors dont give the pad anymore contact area right? so the only benifit is that it will cool the brake quicker because of the...
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    Ceres Trail maintenance

    my bad, im not sayin you did a bad job. I guess ive only seen it when it was broken, and i guess even then it was still usable so... It just looks like alot of crap, fallen trees etc flows through that place when it rains real bad. What do you think about going to get the bridge and put it back...
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    The death of the 26" bike

    how are 29ers on steep declines? the reason i didnt get one was cause of the higher center of gravity, and well 29ers lack suspension travel.. it seems like if you ride 6 mile 29ers are great but what about droppin off steep rocks or drops, or technical declines?
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    Night riding at Estell Manor

    why can you not ride at night? I belive our tax payer money put out to cover these parks should cover our usage at night. Are they renting it out to bears at night?
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    Ceres Trail maintenance

    dont ask the twp, they will just tell you no. and i dont think anyone vandalizes it, i think that creek floods and comes up a foot or two and washes out the bridge because it isnt well made. The next bridge has to be made without touching the creek bed or with posts drivin deep into the...
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    looking for a ride

    definitly worth the trip, make sure you cross the stream to get to the good stuff
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    Tire Pressure.

    with my dh bike i run low air pres, but with xc i have never understood this. Most xc tires say to inflate atleast 30psi i want my suspension to soak up the bumps not my tire. A harder tire or higher psi will roll faster. And remember what big trucks use? Lower air pressure will float over...
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    Sram vs Shimano

    sram in my experience, ive had shimano xtr xt slx i think they are overrated. I got my first x7 drivetrain and i am very impressed, i will bw going with sram from now on. Sram is much easier to tune and seems to have more accurate shifting.
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