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  1. betta285

    2006 Rocky Mountain ETS-X 50 Custom *Cracked

    For sale is a 2006 Rocky Mountain ETS-X 50 size Large-19”. It was built up from a frameset and is mechanically perfect, aside from the crack in the seat tube at the weld that chronically affects the ETS-X models. Nonetheless, I have ridden with the crack for years and it does not seem to be...
  2. betta285

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w Tube Amp- $450

    For sale is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w tube amp. Purchased new in 2011 and studio kept- it's in perfect condition with very low hours on the tubes. The exact specs can be found on Fender's website Classic sparkling and warm Fender cleans, and the overdrive channel breaks up nicely when...
  3. betta285

    Thule 400XT Roof Racks and Bike Tray

    Sold! Please Delete. Thanks!
  4. betta285

    1997 Honda Accord LX

    Sold- Please delete.
  5. betta285

    2007 Rocky Mountain RMX Canuck Edition Large

    2007 Rocky Mountain RMX Canuck Edition Large $1200- Needs to Go! This bike is incredibly capable and overly forgiving. It absolutely devours anything put in front of it and is remarkably stable in the air. It certainly won’t win any weight contests, but its reliability and durability more than...
  6. betta285

    Brand new blog of interest looking to gain momentum. Brand new, but promising.
  7. betta285

    Yamaha FG412S Acoustic Guitar w/ Case $300

    For sale is a Yamaha FG412S acoustic guitar with hard case. Very comfortable and quick neck, low action, warm tone, and the power you'd expect from a dreadnought. Nothing too fancy, but still a quality instrument with great playability and sound. Kept in the included felt-lined hard case and is...
  8. betta285

    57cm Rocky Mountain Solo AL30 Frame

    For sale is a 57cm Rocky Mountain Solo AL30 road frame with a Dura Ace front derailleur and an EC90 seatpost. The frame is handmade at Rocky's facility in B.C. and the craftsmanship is amazing. The paint is deep and vibrant and the welds are perfect. The fork on this is full carbon with aluminum...
  9. betta285

    Peavey Studio Pro 65w Amp~$200

    Peavey Studio Pro 65w Amp $150 For sale is a 65w Peavey Studio Pro 112 Amp. It has two channels, clean and lead, and comes with a VOX footswitch. The tone of either channel is exceptional. It is a solid state but uses "Transtube" technology which realistically emulates the tone of a tube amp...
  10. betta285

    Road Wheels, Pedals, Trainer, Tires, etc. Gotta make room for school books.

    Road Wheels, Pedals, Trainer, Tires, etc. (Pics) Gotta make room for school books. In an effort to raise funds for books this semester, I'm getting rid of a few extras I have laying around. I can meet up at Allaire or Rutgers in New Brunswick. I will have pics up very soon. PM me if you are...
  11. betta285

    The New Ride! Officially on the Dark Side.(Pics!)

    Well I just finished piecing her together yesterday, with the help of a few friends. Surely a radical change from my Hardrock. After a few miles at Allaire yesterday, I'm still blown away. Rides like a dream. Half of the bike is secondhand (I work with a good number of hustlers:hmmm:) while all...
  12. betta285

    10 Days...

    until an epic season of gravity riding will commence! Anyone else going to opening day, Sat. May 2nd, at Diablo? Jim
  13. betta285

    Allaire Wednesday 4/1

    As long as the rain holds out I plan on going out for a little afternoon jaunt. Figure arrive at the lot around 5:30 and hopefully finish up before dark. Jim
  14. betta285

    Whistler this summer?

    Just through some quick research I estimate that it would cost somewhere around $900 for a 3-night trip to Whistler, including flight, hotel, lift ticket etc. I am seriously thinking about making the trip one week this summer. If I do decide to go, would anyone be interested in joining me? Jim
  15. betta285

    This weekend 3/7

    What do you guys think? I would like to try to get a ride in Friday or Saturday. Think it'll be too sloppy/snowy? Jim
  16. betta285

    Weekend Conditions 2/20

    Was at Allaire around 1 today and it was in great shape. Most ruts were completely smooothed over and it was only right out of the lot that there was anything frozen. The soil was a bit moist, but not a puddle in sight. Should be the place to be this weekend. Jim
  17. betta285

    Favorite MTB Porn?

    What are you guys' favorite MTB videos? Either DVD's or Youtube clips, or whatever? I own Seasons, Roam, and Unhinged, and all three are great DVDs. The cinematography is just amazing in Seasons, as well as in Roam. Unhinged has a very raw feeling to it, which is certainly part of the appeal...
  18. betta285

    Allaire, Friday 2/20?

    Anyone want to get together for a ride on Friday? Conditions should be good. I usually hit it on my way back from Rutgers, and depending on traffic, I'm usually in the lot by 2pm. Figure around 10 miles at a moderate (8-9mph avg.?) pace. Let me know if you'd like to join me. Jim
  19. betta285

    2009 RockShox Tora 318 Coil

    Manufacturer:RockShox Product: Tora 318 Coil How Long Used:One day:D Similar Products Used: Horrible Suntours Overall Rating [1-10]: 9 (don't have much to compare it to) Positive: U-Turn is super convenient. In a few clicks it goes from an 85 mm climber to a 130 mm descending beast...
  20. betta285

    New XC fork?

    I'm looking for a new fork for my '08 hardrock. It came with a horrible Suntour coil fork with 100mm travel but it barely moves and has no adjustment. After suffering these past few months I'd like to throw on another either 80 or 100mm fork for next season, but not sure where to look. It must...
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