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  1. Ivan

    Bike for my friend. $600 budget.

    My friend recently started getting interested in mtbing and I would want him to start riding as fast as possible. He has a bike but its quite old. He told me he would want to get a new bike for $600 or less. Anything in mind?
  2. Ivan

    Just wanted to ask!

    What trail will they use for H2H race this year for CAT 3 and CAT 2? I would wanna go and bike it before the event! And if theres a website that will give me all the trails for H2H races this year that would be great!
  3. Ivan

    Cadence and pedaling style up a long hill!

    Every week I make myself do some uphill training. For that i ride to the mountain near my area. To start things off i ride 6 miles to the mountain and get into what I call "pre-mountain hill". It is 20% elevation hill just before the mountain, approximately 500 meters long. Than i get to the...
  4. Ivan

    New rider! Looking for a group near Clifton.

    Hey! I have just got a new bike and was thinking of starting preparing myself for some races. I would really wanna race in jungle habitat for H2H race #3. I am looking for a group near Clifton or Passaic to ride with. I am not a newbie in biking so I won't hold you guys back too much. I have a...
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