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  1. Rigidnsingle

    You're a hammerhead? Like suffering?

    You're a hammerhead? Like suffering? Looking to get into endurance? Come ride with me... Who wants to ride Ringwood? Saturday morning 8am. 35 mile loop. (it's not an easy loop) Side lot of the little league field. Corner Margaret King and Sloatsburg rd. Just show up....I'll be there...
  2. Rigidnsingle

    Thanks Darkhorse

    Great weather, great course, great support, Great race!!!! I cant say enough about these guys, this is the way xc racing should be.. Thanks again. see you next year.... Mike
  3. Rigidnsingle

    Stewart SS

    On Saturday I will be up at Stewart to ride a couple laps on the gallop course and a couple laps on the 2007 40 course, If anyone is intrested just show up about 9:30ish ride leaves at 10. Note. we will be riding at a good tempo with minimal stoping, I'm looking for about 5 hours but there...
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