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    Jungle - Updated Map?

    where to park at JH Where is the start point and best place to park? i have not been to JH yet.
  2. VGT

    Trail Spinner Jamboree

    great event i have been to this one in the is a super place to ride buff singletrack....especially with guide showing you all the trails. i will be attending for sure...and i live in northern nj. it is worth the trip.
  3. VGT

    Ringwood Sunday

    Lost Trails You still can't find your way around yet those trails yet?....after all the times we have been back in there? Ha! :-D Don't think I can ride sunday...since it is father's day. VGT
  4. VGT

    Stephens State Park Navigating

    higher res version of this great map? do you happen to have a higher res version? it would be greatly appreciated. VGT
  5. VGT

    Stephens State Park Navigating

    Sweet...and thanks! Many thanks my good man. That is a very very great thing you have done. How would one get to the right parking lot? I have not been to Stephans before and would love to check it out. Also, how would you descrive the trails there? I look forward to riding...
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    Pinch me... am I dreaming?

    Know those guys well Good story...but not one that is unique to Rob (owner) and the guys at Pedal Sports. In my opinion that is a top notch shop and they always take exceptional care of you. I am lucky to live only 5 minutes from them. Rob and the guys also take time to ride with thier...
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    Is it Possible to Ride Allamuchy D.P. to Waterloo side?

    That would be great. Long / epic loops are ok with me. VGT
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    Is it Possible to Ride Allamuchy D.P. to Waterloo side?

    great! we can try 4 park epic ride ( DP -> Stephens -> Kittitany -> Allamuchy ) or we can do ( DP -> Allamuchy ( more loops ) -> DP ). Sounds like good runs. I am very interested in that. Will be nice not having to figure out where I am.....I just have to follow you all day. VGT
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    Is it Possible to Ride Allamuchy D.P. to Waterloo side?

    One More Thing... ....I forgot to mention this....I rode Allamuchy Deer Park on Monday early morning...the temp was 19 the ground was very very solid. BUT, I noticed a lot of people had been out and created a lot of ruts. I also noticed horshoe marks all over the trails as well...
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    Is it Possible to Ride Allamuchy D.P. to Waterloo side?

    Many thanks! Hey guys, many thanks. I actually laughed a bit reading the part about the bear sleeping in the tunnel. I will try the non tunnel route....and will PM you for a tour. I try and get out there to ride a home turf is I live 15 minutes away...but I get...
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    Is it Possible to Ride Allamuchy D.P. to Waterloo side?

    Is it possible to connect Deer Park section of Allamuchy to the Waterloo side via trail?
  12. VGT

    Have Lights List

    I have a Light.... ......and want to know where to use it. Everytime I go to Ringwood....the ranger gives me hard time in the parking lot when I am coming back to LOT C.
  13. VGT

    Cudos to the Jersey Action Riders!

    Hey...just wanted put out a compliment to the Jersey Actions Rider Crew for designing and puting in those new trails at Batsto / Wharton State Forest. I was down for Thanksgiving (I live in Nothern NJ) visiting family and got out on a ride. The 19 mile loop is very fun. Now, I ride Ringwood...
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    Family Guy/Gal Ride 1: Ringwood 7/5

    GPS Coordinates? Anybody have the GPS coordinates of School Parking / or directions? I usually go into Ringwood via main entrance and park in Lot C. I am not sure where the parking spot is for this ride. Weird, because I ride ringwood every weekend and don't know where this school lot is I...
  15. VGT

    First ride

    Nice One Welcome to the insane obsessive world of mountain biking. :-) VGT
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