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  1. boris_159

    I know I shouldn't have eaten that but.......

    Can you say America? ...F*** YEAH!!!
  2. boris_159

    I know I shouldn't have eaten that but.......

    That^^ Also, cold cut combos from subway... It is a big pile of processed sodium "meat product", but also the best hangover cure ever! I stopped at Mickey D's on the day after St. Patty's day and I didn't even enjoy it. I had a steak egg and cheese on a bagel meal and it nearly made me...
  3. boris_159


    What can I say? I'm a reformed man. I guess I bought into all that responsibility crap they taught us in boot camp. The need to break the sound barrier has forced some of my previous "aspirations" to take a back seat.
  4. boris_159


    Just signed up, I would love to camp if anyone else is planning to. Can't really risk a DUI with my job. This will be my first race of any kind, in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." Just one question, the kegs at the end of the race will be...
  5. boris_159

    Trail Reports

    I went to Mercer County Park today and it was fine. I barely had to wipe any mud off my bike when I got back. Trails were dry, the only snow I saw was off of the trails. There were a few muddy spots but they were easily avoidable and were typical mud spots that would be there if it had rained...
  6. boris_159


    Just finished P90X yesterday. I put on about 10 pounds of muscle and I feel awesome. I went out to Mercer County Park today for a two hour ride... god how I've missed my karate monkey! He's been caged up in the closet for almost three months. I didn't follow their diet but I eat pretty...
  7. boris_159

    SHAME on Subaru!!!!

    Shame on Anheuser-Busch, for associating drinking shitty beer and listening to terrible music with mountain biking!
  8. boris_159

    Newbie-Bike purchase question

    Good advice here, if you still don't believe em click here. You don't want to be in the saddle when that happens.
  9. boris_159


    I just started P90x yesterday... Holy crap, I'm 24 and In pretty good shape already and it is kicking my ass. Did you stick with it MIG?
  10. boris_159

    Did anyone catch the survivor man episode...

    I haven't laughed like that in a while!
  11. boris_159

    Hi - I'm new, but I have a really old bike

    I used to have suspension then sold it for rigid singlespeed now my only bike!
  12. boris_159

    This is why you don't buy Department store bikes

    "If you walk (or ride) by a problem you just set a new standard" -My Colonel. My standard was that I wasn't about to drag a 40 lb. hunk of metal out of the park unless I'm getting paid. I'd rather see an old bike laying on the trail than candy bar rappers and beer cans. Or even worse, horse...
  13. boris_159

    This is why you don't buy Department store bikes

    I looked at it and contemplated dragging it to my car... I thought, spare pedals, extra derailleur, maybe the... or how bout... um no. Better left there for the park guys to pick up.
  14. boris_159

    This is why you don't buy Department store bikes

    After seeing your avatar I wondered where it came from... A google search yielded more than I could have wished for...
  15. boris_159

    This is why you don't buy Department store bikes

    Wow were you hitting the refresh button waiting on new posts?
  16. boris_159

    This is why you don't buy Department store bikes

    I was at Mercer County Park Yesterday and though, oh someone is taking a pee... Then I rode by the bike and nearly fell over. I had to stop for pictures. Oops That last picture is my bike
  17. boris_159

    1x9? who needs 27 gears neways

    Why 9 Gears? One is enough. :popcorn:
  18. boris_159

    Ok..This YOU will NOT belive....

    Very cool story and tattoo. Beats the hell out of Tribal barbed wire.
  19. boris_159

    6 Mile Tues 5/19 !?!?

    I might try to be there, Black Karate Monkey and a White Jeep.
  20. boris_159

    National Bike to Work Day and Week

    I take online classes from home. I guess I will have to do my part and ride to the bar every day. Can't get a DUI on a bike right?
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