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  1. fishpimp

    you are all bad influences

    just got my first 29er thanks to everyone talking about them on here! its an 07 gary fisher cobia with the tora front shock and i put my race face cranks on there too... maiden voyage should be tomorrow and hopefully get some pics up then too:D
  2. fishpimp

    6 mile today 9/16

    rode 6 mile with two buddies and had a great time... everyone there was more than nice and the ride was awesome... first time i had a real ride in almost 8 years! who else was there?
  3. fishpimp


    hi all im new to the forum and just started getting back into riding! i used to ride sourland all the time and now am doing some flat rides with my fiance and more technical stuff with my buddies! anyways glad to be here and be able to get more info...
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