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  1. rockstar

    Hey thinky... been a long time....hope the riding has been good to you! :D

    Hey thinky... been a long time....hope the riding has been good to you! :D
  2. rockstar

    Lewis Morris Conditions???

    rode LM today, gooey in some spots...overall LM rode well:)
  3. rockstar

    This looks interesting.

    ....:rolleyes:wish I would of had one on my sons bike, before it got stolen
  4. rockstar

    Lewis Morris Single Track in HD

    Very cool!!!:D Especially since it's one of my favorite places to ride...
  5. rockstar

    welcome ! :D

    welcome ! :D
  6. rockstar

    2010 Potluck Picnic

    :D I'll be there with a kid or two..and some eats to share...
  7. rockstar


    ...been there...:popcorn:...I'll pray for ya :)
  8. rockstar

    Countdown to Kingdom Trails

    Steve, I am so jealous...I have missed going on this trip every year, due to clash :mad: of schedules.... I hear it's a guaranteed blast!!! :D ENJOY!!!
  9. rockstar

    Friday ride might be possible where & when

    Friday ride might be possible where & when
  10. rockstar

    Riding with kids

    I've been riding with my son/daughter, Ryan/Marina since they were rug rats:p. Now they are 16/13 years old. They both like single trac, but only for fun. My son Ryan needs to save up for a new bike, so thats kinda put a damper on the rides, lately....
  11. rockstar

    Darkhorse 40 Reports

    ... never raced before, thought I would see what it was like...have alot more respect for those of you who raced the whole 40!!! This was a great event... I was glad to be a part of it!
  12. rockstar

    Darkhorse 40 Live Blog

    that looks like otter slide...
  13. rockstar

    Liberty Water Gap Trail

    The whole trail is over 130 miles linking 6 different trail systems, then factor in ones own ability?:popcorn: Me:hmmm:...a week
  14. rockstar

    Liberty Water Gap Trail

    Thank's the Mendham Twp. Public Works Bdlgs. on Mt.Pleasant Rd., I was thinking of...thanks again.
  15. rockstar

    Liberty Water Gap Trail

    I think you are right, although I did ride it comes out by a water treatment plant... Rozack..Have you ridden the section of patriots that connects with Black river?
  16. rockstar

    Liberty Water Gap Trail

    Came across a new posted sign at Lewis Morris...regarding this trail across NJ... Thinking about doing a section of it from Lewis Morris> west...would really like to hear from someone who has ridden this...
  17. rockstar

    Kid's MTB Race, Essex County, Hilltop Grasshopper, Aug 21

    Looks like lots of great fun for the kiddies!!! I will look into volunteering for myself, if my daughter Marina is in town she would love a chance to race:D
  18. rockstar

    Thursday night at Chimney Rock

    soundz, just checked out your thread....I agree with Kush's comments. LOOK, when I posted up on this thread I was not implying that I was interested in hanging on to Jeremy's ride and his rocket crew, they're way out of my league.... I was simply saying... I was planning to ride CR around...
  19. rockstar

    Thursday night at Chimney Rock

    will be there, but feel free to hammer on with out me...
  20. rockstar

    I was robbed :(

    My deductible was more than the bike....:mad:...but that would of been nice
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