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  1. rayder

    Trail conditions

    I was hoping they didn’t really get any or much snow down south jersey because I’m trying to limit riding on ice since I’ve just gotten over the broken ribs. Dickerson mine was rideable but a bit sketchy.
  2. rayder

    Trail conditions

    So allaire and hartshorne got snow. I wasn’t sure?? Some people ride on the beach actually but not me. Appreciate the attempt at humor though
  3. rayder

    Trail conditions

    Where would best ( least Icey ) conditions be tomorrow in nj ?
  4. rayder

    Beginner paced rides: anyone interested?

    Let me know about next beginner ride. Wife and I met a beginner and want to get her riding with more people
  5. rayder

    Tuesday Fight Club

    What time does this start on Tuesday nights?
  6. rayder

    Entry level used mtn bike large

    My sister wants to get in to mountain biking. Looking for used large entry level bike in good working condition.
  7. rayder

    2001 Trek Fuel 98 Mountain Bike ($300)

    Would like to buy this bike. Suspension works!
  8. rayder

    Group Ride Jungle Saturday 7/24

    Thanks mtbnj. Great ride. The new trail is awesome
  9. rayder

    Sunday 7/25 Marty’s Wildcat Ride

    Maybe. Depends how I feel after jungle on Saturday
  10. rayder

    Group Ride Jungle Saturday 7/24

    Lauren and I will be there
  11. rayder

    Help a brother out! Frank!!!

    Done. I’ll be praying for Frank and his family
  12. rayder

    Trek roscoe 7 18.5 $500 obo

    I’m looking for a back up bike since I just put my bike in the shop once again. I ride an extra large Santa Cruz 5010. I’m not sure if an 18.5 correlates with that size or not. Would you happen to know? Because you are definitely in my right price range.
  13. rayder

    OOS Believe Me and Follow Me!

    We had a good time. You weren't holding us up.
  14. rayder

    Group Ride 2/9 Stephens

    Great ride today everyone. Thanks to all the leaders and organizers. So my question now is where is everybody riding tomorrow
  15. rayder

    Group Ride 2/9 Stephens

    I will be there
  16. rayder

    OOS Believe Me and Follow Me!

    I'm going to join you guys tomorrow
  17. rayder

    Wildcat Group Ride 1/13 Sunday

    Awesome ride. Thank you to the crew that put this together.
  18. rayder

    Wildcat Group Ride 1/13 Sunday

    Yes just got the confirmation from Lauren. There will be a +1
  19. rayder

    OOS Believe Me and Follow Me!

    Thanks Had a great time
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