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  1. Bike N Gear

    Have any Audio Geeks cut the cable?

    Been trying Youtube TV. Can't get the regular broadcast stations (2,4,7) to play through my center channel. The signal reverts to "stereo" even though I know it worked perfectly with cable. If I watch a Showtime program thru Youtube it picks up the Dolby Digital signal no problem.
  2. Bike N Gear

    Who do you use for internet and TV?

    My Optimum bill was ridiculous before, now it just wen up another $45. No other cable co in Metuchen. Anyone use Direct TV Stream? I really want to be able to tell Optimum to fuck off (so they can send me some new great deals to come back) What about internet?
  3. Bike N Gear

    Recommend me a Travel Insurance company

    Only really care about total trip cancelation based on the current world condition. Looking for a company that's going to issue a refund, not require some type of future booking.
  4. Bike N Gear

    Sourland worthy downtube protector.

    Obviously the stock piece of plastic supplied by Specialized is lacking in strength. I’m thinking I can buff this right out.
  5. Bike N Gear

    Wet brine, dry brine or no brine?

    What's your turkey doing today?
  6. Bike N Gear

    Tinker Juarez

    Anybody catch this news:
  7. Bike N Gear

    Any tornado sightings?

    Heard there was one in Rocky Hill and another in Piscataway.
  8. Bike N Gear

    Identity theft protection

    Does anybody use one of the identity theft companies? LifeLock, Experian, etc. I've had two weird inquiries lately. One person opened a Charles Schwab account using my home address, but their name. When we contacted them, CS already knew it was a fraudulent account and was investigating. I...
  9. Bike N Gear

    How much do you believe in Insurance?

    The discussion in the Retirement thread got me thinking about insurance. I checked the budget my wife did for the Financial Advisor. Between medical, dental, vision, disability, life, auto, homeowners.....we spend $20k per year on insurance. I think it's nuts. Wife likes to be prepared for the...
  10. Bike N Gear

    Would you?

    Customer has been riding this daily since since last year. Would you?
  11. Bike N Gear

    Attic wood rot?

    My wife just sent me these photos from the wall of our attic. We did have a 4 foot piece of siding blow off in a storm near that location a year or two ago. It was replaced within a week or two. No further examination was done. Might be coincidence. Not sure how to proceed with repairing this.
  12. Bike N Gear

    DVR picture jumping

    We've been watching a series on Showtime, On Demand. 3 out of 9 episodes had very jumpy screens as as characters moved across the screen. I've tried stopping and restarting, rebooting the DVR and nothing helps. Other On Demand programs have been fine and these weren't all watched on the same...
  13. Bike N Gear

    Glue or Epoxy knowledge?

    I'm looking for a glue or epoxy that will dry hard like plastic. It will be used between two pieces of plastic to fill a gap, but doesn't necessarily need to hold them together as they are held together with screws. Needs to be waterproof and work in cold temps. To answer the first question...
  14. Bike N Gear

    More Danny Mac

    Definitely not riding Elixirs.
  15. Bike N Gear

    Dual monitor problem

    My pc has two monitors attached to it. #2 is used to run Firefox for the register. #1 is for everything else. My #1 started dimming then died. I can get to see it for a split second if I turn it off and back on again. My problem now is anything I try to open to switch which monitor acts as...
  16. Bike N Gear

    Home Equity Line of Credit

    Anyone have any experience with HELOC's? Financial advisor recommended we get a HELOC before paying off our mortgage. This is just in case of emergency use, so not looking for a loan, just an open line of credit. Since it will probably just sit idle for years, low fees would be more important...
  17. Bike N Gear

    Looking for Onyx end cap for XD Driver

    I know it's a long shot, but any shops have one of these in inventory?
  18. Bike N Gear

    Wood Storage Shed

    Shopping for a new storage shed for the yard. Ours is a 10x16 from Garden Oaks in Bound Brook and 22 years old. One wall is rotting out and the storm the other day took some roof shingles with it. Just looking for something similar and would need the old one removed. Anyone recommended in...
  19. Bike N Gear

    Any Pokemon card experts here?

    So yesterday one of my son's college buddies asks him if he has any old Pokemon cards that he could give to his young brother. This leads to my wife and son digging through the attic. At one point my wife remembers she has bunch of "gifts" that were intended for my son when he was younger, but...
  20. Bike N Gear

    For the kid who has everything?

    I can't get a bike from Specialized to sell to my customers for under $4000, but they have time to make these. Only $1000.
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