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  1. antgold

    Moving out of the country -Home appliance for sale

    Water heater Bread maker Changing table for baby Coffee machine Water filter (for the kitchen ) Shower water filter Ikea dining wooden chair (4x) Ikea table Drawers for bath (ikea antonus) Adding : Vacum cleaner bissel 6100 Shark iron Shark floor steamer Send me item you want and I will post...
  2. antgold

    Bergamo Glider and Ottoman Combo - Medium Oak & Oatmea - $100 (Holmdel middletown)

    Like a new 1.5 year old Price reduced - this item must go!! Location: Holmdel middletown
  3. antgold

    2005 Honda Odyssey Touring -70000 miles - $13500 (Homdel /Middletown 07733)

    a sweet car !!! Excellent shape !must be sold ! clean carfax ! bought certified and only serviced at Honda Below link to craiglist post with some photos. Asking price : $13500 cell phone : 732-890-0290 Location: Holmdel /middletown...
  4. antgold

    Hybrid bike Fuji cross town2.0 for sale

    Model year :2007 Size large 21"(fits around 6'tall) , great bike Needs some work : -wheel adjustment -Tire change - new break pads 50$ will take it. Final price. Location : holmdel /middletown...
  5. antgold

    anybody riding tomorrow (12/23) central NJ ?

    I will be happy to join . pretty much flexible after 0900 .
  6. antgold

    European Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship 6-9th of July 2010 Haifa

    in my Hometown ...
  7. antgold

    Mother in law comming ...get kicked out of the house

    during mid July- August my mother in low going to stay with us ,helping with newborn baby . She will be accompanied by my wife's sister and her sun . In a weak moment and probably because of some sleepless nights ,my wife suggested I've better get out of the house for long weekend and go...
  8. antgold

    canal ride

    thinking on riding some of the canal roads this weekend . what is the closest starting point from someone driving from jersey shore ? what are the possible way to go ? if going with kids -is there recommended path to do that kids can enjoy some attraction on the way ?
  9. antgold

    Guys - wake up !!!

    seems we getting one of the best weekends for mountain biking here in new Jersey !! freezing temps week ahead and no snow /ice on the ground ! Inspect your bike , get a clearance from the wife (buy a wii game for kids tell her it is too cold , kids might get flue :D) and get out !!:getsome:
  10. antgold

    Road allair this morning

    and in the middle of the ride felt I'm loosing the breaking power .(Shimano XT ) I had this last year last year also and nothing helped -poring alcohol on the rotors , burning the pads -nothing helped :cry: finally I replaced the pads and used them the whole summer . now it happened again...
  11. antgold

    find this amezing trip....

    Forget about 29" wars - look at the photos ! What an epic ! :cry:
  12. antgold

    very stressed week ....

    had a terrible week at work . and the rain keeps my MTB collecting dust . I'm in a mood for a century road ride on Sunday -anybody interested ? I'm flexible with the starting point .
  13. antgold

    Ron's wife and kids are out for a month ,dont know what to do thread

    Here it comes… my wife is heading tomorrow for a home leave with the kids ,leaving me alone for the entire month … so basically beside riding ,sleeping and unfortunately work I have no better things to do …. In this thread I'm planning to share you , honored MTBNJ riders with my misery.:cry...
  14. antgold


    I'm in the game of purchasing a kayak . is it for recreational peddling only - in calm water . I'm thinking on tandem so I could take the kids , however sill should be able to peddle alone .(sometimes I'm not in the mood to attack Hartshorne hills ..:popcorn:) I saw the Ocean Malibu Two or...
  15. antgold

    any one for round velly tommorow ? 06/06

    never been there - wheels down 0900 ?:popcorn:
  16. antgold

    any one riding there tomorrow ?

    I will happy to join - can do only morning (wheels down not latter then 0900 )
  17. antgold

    september festival

    I have started preparing for the fest - what about you ?
  18. antgold

    Any idea about this bird ?

    nothing exotic - took this photo yesterday from my bedroom :scared:
  19. antgold

    hartshorne 4/23 1730

    anyone for quick loop after work ?:confused:?
  20. antgold

    anyone for allair today 4/13

    around 1700? recovery ride pace after a bumpy ride yesterday in Ringwood (awesome ride!! -we need to arrange few trucks full with rocks , Sandy Hook boys getting socked when going up north ....:o)
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