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  1. Thin Diesel

    Share the trail...

    This is where Strava fly-bys can come in handy...
  2. Thin Diesel

    Half marathoner BUSTED!

    it's stories like these that make my day.
  3. Thin Diesel

    Winter Storm Must-Haves

    After what seems like an endless wait, we're finally supposed to get some real snow tomorrow. :) Expect to see the typical hysteria at supermarkets and gas stations. What are your "must haves" as you hunker down? Milk, bread, eggs, and beer are all a given. What other essentials do ensure...
  4. Thin Diesel

    Unnecessary censorship

    jimmy kimmel has a pretty funny segment where he takes video clips and bleeps out words in a manner that makes you think something totally different was said (usually dirty). It is pretty freaking hilarious. YouTube it if you've never seen this. So - in the spirit of Unnecessary Censorship...
  5. Thin Diesel

    Seems like it's been a long time...

    ...since I got a good fat bike snow ride in. Last winter was pretty mild for snow and snow riding. I think we had only about one respectable storm last season. Supposed to get a few inches overnight. I'll take it - frankly I'm pretty stoked for it. Anyone else going out tomorrow? Got to enjoy...
  6. Thin Diesel

    $661k for new trails in Morris County

    just saw this: "Recommended grants range from $7,384 to Montville for the Reilly Field Look and Crossover Trail to a high of $132,696 to Morristown for the Foote’s Pond Wood Trail...
  7. Thin Diesel

    I think the lesson here is...

    ...if you have to throw down with a 'roo, make sure you throw the first punch. This is one of the best videos I've seen all year.
  8. Thin Diesel

    Post Your Bird / Stats...

    we've got a 22-pounder on tap today. What'chu got? Happy thanksgiving mtbnj!
  9. Thin Diesel

    WTB: Frame Adapter

    Before I go out and buy one brand new...anybody have a frame adapter (like the one pictured) and looking to part with it? Thanks, Rob
  10. Thin Diesel

    Westworld: My 2016 CO/UT trip

    so this will capture some of my experience travelling out to the mtb Paradise of CO/UT this year. I have to start with a word of gratitude to Mrs. Diesel for green-lighting the trip. I still don't know how I got lucky enough to find such a great spouse. Anyway... This trip has been in the...
  11. Thin Diesel

    Any 411? Mag7 Trail, Moab

    anyone ever ride Mag7 in Moab? Looking for some reviews. MTB project has a write-up and it sounds pretty dope.
  12. Thin Diesel

    MyPillow - Reviews?

    Anyone have one of those MyPillows? Wife has been having trouble sleeping and needs new pillows. Need to fix this urgently! Basically it's $100 for two. 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Worth it??? Thx.
  13. Thin Diesel

    21T or 22T SS Cog

    anyone got one of these and willing to part with it?
  14. Thin Diesel

    R.I.P. Phife

    Seems like a lot of great artists are passing away lately...
  15. Thin Diesel

    Skyline 3pm Friday 10/30

    i'm getting out of work early Friday and planning to ride skyline twds RSP. Intermediate pace with minimal stops. 2-3 hr duration.
  16. Thin Diesel

    Snow Ride Sat 2/14?

    Anybody fat biking Saturday? I'm looking to hit some place other than my go to snow trails (Tourne, PP). Considering Wayway; snowmobile tracks at least. Any recommendations? - Rob
  17. Thin Diesel

    Tourne snow / ice ride 3/1

    Meet 9am @ 1st lot past gate on McCaffrey lane. Conditions have improved drastically this week. May be rideable on regular MTB but FAT tires open up more possibilities.
  18. Thin Diesel


    The fresh powder made for great riding. Unplowed streets and sidewalks today. Some sidewalks had hardpack snow walls up to the handlebars on each side. It was like riding through a chasm. Some walks were only a shovel width wide. Downtown I spotted this sign and thought it photo worthy...
  19. Thin Diesel

    Nashbar Fat Bike 50% Off

    One day sale. Still 5 weeks of winter left. FYI
  20. Thin Diesel

    Tourne snow ride 2/8

    Meet at 1st lot past gate on McCaffrey lane. Wheels down at 8am, done by 10:30.
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