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    Nasty crash in ou road group last week

    We had one on our ride Thurs. evening. Bad one too, three riders involved. What's worse, is that one of the riders wasn't even riding w/ the other two. Also, it happened ~50 yds from the entrance to the parking lot where we all park, at the end of the ride! The way I understand it, rider X...
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    Sun. 9/2 ride anyone?

    Looking at 50-60 miles in Somerset and Hunterdon county if anyone is interested. Could leave from a variety of places, depending on the ride. Would like to be on the road by 9:00.
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    Anybody up for a Sun 8/19 AM ride?

    Was going to go try out my new kayak, but my friend has other plans. If the weather is nice, I could go for a nice 50 or so. Could leave from just about anywhere, but RVCC is probably convenient for a lot of people.
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    Did it finally crap out completely?
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    Any interest in a regular Somerset/Hunterdon ride?

    Not trying to pull folks away from any of the other rides, just looking to see if there were any people interested in a ride in the Western Somerset / Eastern Hunterdon area. I'd love to try some of the other rides, but there's no way I can make them w/ my work schedule (out of work at 5, work...
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    Is there a...

    forum like this for the NJ roadies?
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    Figured I'd follow protocol and introduce myself. My name is Bill. I used to ride a road bike a lot. Just getting back in after ~10 years off. Been doing some mountain biking, but I'm in the market for a new road bike. Looking forward to meeting some new folks both on the road and on the trail.
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