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  1. monfrair

    Lewis Morris conditions?

    anyone been there in the past few days? I was there about two weeks ago and was quite muddy. Thinking about an afternoon ride today. Please let me know.
  2. monfrair

    are night rides allowed at Chimney Rock?

    May be a silly question but just wondering if you are allowed to ride there at night.
  3. monfrair

    did anyone ride 6MP today are the conditions better?

    Last time I went there after a rain it was a mud bog. I saw the post from 10/1 just wanted to see if there was any improvement today for a ride tomorrow.
  4. monfrair

    diablo bike park in Vernon

    there is not much info on the forum about this place. It is a good place for XC riding?
  5. monfrair

    Garmin Edge 205 question

    I have read all the reviews about the Garmin Edge 205 and I understand it is more of a stats computer but will it help you find your way back? Does it help prevent you from getting lost?
  6. monfrair

    GPS buying advice needed

    I am looking for a GSP device to mount on the bike. I ride alone most of the time and would like to be able to just ride without having to worry about if I can find my way back. I looked at the edge by Garmin but it seems to be more of a trip computer than a GPS. I want to be able to just...
  7. monfrair

    New to the forum back on the saddle

    Hello everyone. Looks like a nice forum you have here. I am trying to get back on the saddle after a 6 year break. I was hit by lightning while riding alone in Ringwood in June of 02. After that incident I decided it was time to settle down and have some children. I have about 5000 miles...
  8. monfrair

    Going over to 6 mile today for 1st time may get lost

    I am going over to 6 mile today (Friday) around 11am for the first time. I will have an orange cannondale. May get lost. Is anyone else going to be there today that I could ask directions if I see you on the trail?:hmmm:
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