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    2019 MTBNJ Events

    Quick Questions: Location of the STXC races? Categories and times for each? The gas tank is pretty small while the trunk is large after the winter....
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    Races...the pet peeves and the things that keep you coming back for more.

    I plan on racing some of the events H2H in 2019 and from the cheap seats as someone new to the area I had a couple of observations. I assume that H2H is a grassroots league of MTB racing with each race being done by an independent promoter. If so, it is a model that I am familiar with after...
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    2.6 Tires for NNJ??

    Specilized Purgatory 2.3 (R), Butcher 2.3 (F)
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    2.6 Tires for NNJ??

    Looking for a little more grip with a bigger tire with 2.6 as big as I can really go before having to build another wheel set. Suggestions for Allamuchy North/Ringwood/DMP? Something not too heavy that can be tubeless. Need some local knowledge on what y’all found to work good in these parts.
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    Coming to North NJ soon, New to East Coast, not new to MTB Scene.

    I will be moving into town in Mid June and be in the North East area of Randolph initially until I get a better feel for the area to buy something more long term. Looks like the something called Mine Preserve is the closest trail for me. On paper the Allamuchy area looks good for long rides and...
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    Coming to North NJ soon, New to East Coast, not new to MTB Scene.

    Got directed to this site as a good place to get the low down on the North New Jersey scene. Older guy with around 20 years of MTB racing as a racer and currently a USAC Race Director in Missouri with putting on about dozen MTB and XTERRA events (including the Missouri State MTB Champs one...
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