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    Trail Conditions 3-6

    I'm assuming riding tomorrow will do more damage to the trails than anything since it will be sloppy.
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    Anyone ridden lately?

    Can anyone report on the trails? Considering a Saturday ride...
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    My aluminum frame (caad 4) has just experienced extensive damage (in my opinion). My right chainstay/seatstay has been bent outward about 2-3 inches. Is there anything I can do, or should I start my search for a new frame?
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    Road on a Mountain Frame

    I've seen (on various web sites) mountain bikes converted to road use. By this I don't mean riding a mountain bike on the road, but rather what modification was made for it to be better suited to the road whether it be components such as different tires or a complete different wheel set, etc...
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    Platform Pedal Reviews

    Not sure if this forum is the best place for this thread, but I'm in the market to get a set of platform pedals and wanted to hear what the greater nj group thinks is the best. I'm looking for platforms that really hold your foot, while not being overly large or heavy (is that too much to...
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