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  1. stilluf

    Bike Stolen in Westfield

    Both of my bikes were stolen out of my garage 2 nights ago. They were both locked up; the thieves broke the lock! I’m not hopeful of getting either bike back, but posting here as a warning. And in case someone sees this bike for sale: 2017 specialized epic WC carbon with maxxis tires and...
  2. stilluf

    WTB - Specialized SWAT MTB multi-tool

    The multi-tool that came with my Specialized Epic popped out on a ride, and I have had no luck finding a replacement on the internet or local bike shops. Seems to be out of stock everywhere, including with Specialized. Hoping someone has an extra that they would like to sell, or perhaps some...
  3. stilluf

    Mills Reservation MTB death lawsuit

    The family of the rider who was killed when he went off the trail and over the cliff at Mills Reservation has filed a lawsuit against Essex County and other municipalities. My general understanding is that municipalities have a strong defense against liability for injuries on a public trail...
  4. stilluf

    2017-18 Snow Shoe Season

    Great start to season with some Shoe at Windham Ski Mtn. Went up and down Mtb trails. Very fun, plenty of snow.
  5. stilluf

    Reviving a trail on red

    On the official map there’s a marked trail on Red, it connects from the left(east) uphill to lower trail (ie along reservoir). I’ve been looking for it, today I found it. It’s marked, but looks like an old fire road blocked by multiple tree blow downs. The pic below is from lower red looking...
  6. stilluf

    JORBA Union County Chapter Meeting

    Dear Union County MTB Fan, You are invited to the inaugural Union County JORBA Chapter Meeting! Please join us on Tuesday June 27, 2017 to plan our next steps to bring legal MTB trails to Union County. Pizza and Beer provided!!! Open to all JORBA members, and anyone interested in learning...
  7. stilluf

    Statements on Watchung Reservation Vote

    JORBA STATEMENT ON RESULT OF UNION COUNTY FREEHOLDER VOTE We are deeply disappointed by the Union County Freeholders’ vote against mountain biking access at Watchung Reservation. JORBA continues to believe that there is a clear support for, as well as a space in, Union County for mountain...
  8. stilluf

    Technicals dismantled on Red Trail

    On Friday night we did some loops on the red trail. Noticed that many technicals have been dismantled, like the big rock-over in the rock garden on upper red, and the log over on left red. In addition, the path to the big table top also on upper red was blocked off. Nearly all of these...
  9. stilluf

    Watchung Reservation MTB Access - This Is It!!

    The Union County Freeholders have re-introduced a resolution to "disapprove" MTB access in the Watchung Reservation Master Trails Plan. Our understanding is that the Freeholders want to put this issue to rest, and the vote on this resolution is the vehicle to do so. What does it mean: If...
  10. stilluf

    Tonight's UC Freeholder Meeting - CANCELLED!!

    THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS - Call it divine intervention, but a water main break in front of the freeholder building has forced a cancellation of tonight's meeting. A new date will be posted on Monday. With this reprieve, let's continue to keep the pressure on the freeholders...
  11. stilluf

    2017 Snow Shoe Thread

    Post here for your snow shoe exploits! I love this sport because when there's enough snow you can go anywhere; only limits are your imagination and determination! Went to Watchung today for first local outting for the season. Here's an interesting find. Went to Windham ski mountain for new...
  12. stilluf

    Garrett Mountain Any Good For After Work Ride?

    I recently started working in Paramus. With the earlier sunsets, evening riding opportunities at Lew Mo and Chimney are becoming more limited. So I started looking for a nearby park for a quick after work ride. Garrett Mountain is close by. Understanding that it's a bit of an urban park, I'm...
  13. stilluf

    Red Trail Hawk?

    In the Newmans lot this morning, fellow rider told me he had been attacked by a hawk while riding upper red trail! He was riding when he felt something hit his helmet like a branch, but there were no trees in the vicinity. We checked out his helmet, and sure enough, there were Talon Marks in...
  14. stilluf

    Trail name confusion

    I've been riding at Chimney since 2008, and I always refer to trails by their color, and to segments by their geography (e.g. lower blue). But I've also seen individual segments with names. For example, I always thought the trail heading downhill from the Vosseller lot was the Hi-Tek trail...
  15. stilluf

    Uphill/Downhill Rider Etiquette

    In terms of MTB etiquette, yielding to the uphill rider has always been one of the most obvious and courteous steps to take. We all know how hard it to regain your uphill momentum after a stop (voluntary or not). But I'd like to get a sense of what this means in practice from the MTBNJ...
  16. stilluf

    Canal Road Closing 8/3/15

    Heads Up: Driving up Canal Rd tonight and signs are posted for a road closing starting 8/3. Road closed from griggstown causeway south to next canal/river crossing.
  17. stilluf

    Orange Trail Respect

    Rode the Orange trail this morning for the first time in 20 years, and it was a lot of fun! Twisty flowing and fast, with great trail conditions. Wasn't like this last time I was here. Props to the trail crews who put the time and sweat in to make it this cool! Anyone know how long the...
  18. stilluf

    2015 Snowshoe Thread

    Having felt the non-love on another winter sport thread, it made sense to start one for those of us who selflessly strap on snowshoes and break trail so everyone else can enjoy the winter wonderland. Please weigh in with you latest shoeing exploits, so the Mtn Bike NJ community know where...
  19. stilluf

    Canal Rd closed south of Griggstown Causeway

    Just saw today that Canal Rd is closed south of Griggstown Causeway all the way to Georgetown-Franklin Turnpike (Rt. 518), not sure how long. SO if you are heading to Six Mile form the South, take an alternate route.
  20. stilluf

    Thougts on Specialized Epic 29er

    I'm thinking of buying a used Specialized Epic 29er (the entry level Epic). Rode it this past weekend at Chimney Rock, and it was great. Interested if anyone else has ridden this bike and your thoughts. Thanks!!
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