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  1. miketrek6500

    coming back after a 3-4 year rest from central nj

    hi guys, its been about like 3-4 years since i rode a bike, long story short i turned 17, started pouring all my money and time into my car and forgot about mountain biking. So i recently purchased a roof rack with 2 bike attachments for my car.. Looking to get back into it, i havent rode...
  2. miketrek6500

    What should i get? Any ideas?

    Hi, I've been looking for a used car for sometime. I was going to get a 5 series but was truly disappointed by BMW. I test drove a passat w8. I fell in love with it the minute i accelerated. I also like the GLX but the w8's power is amazing. Just wondering what would be the repair costs...
  3. miketrek6500

    turning a 21 speed into SS

    What parts do i need? When i try getting the parts every one says only 8-9 speed compatible, does it work with a 7 speed also and i just need a spacer or something? If anyone can put a list of parts so i can order them all at once and not have reorder stuff i'll greatly appreciate it...
  4. miketrek6500

    Beast from the East

    I just picked up a Cannondale m800 yesterday for really cheap. Does any one have any info on why the bike is called the Beast from the East? I know its about some racer that was really good. lol
  5. miketrek6500

    Next Trail day?

    I haven't ridden the trails in a while but if any work needs to be done, and now i lifeguard there and know all the superintendents i can get things to happen haha Just let me know and i'll talk to my boss about it.
  6. miketrek6500

    enough snow?¿¿?

    Time for the few to bring out the Surly, wish i had one :D
  7. miketrek6500

    How is it?

    Me and my friend are thinking about going tomorrow for the first time and we were wondering how the conditions were? WE always ride RV and it handles rain well so we never have to check the conditions and im afraid of going and it being muddy and messing up the trail. I know i wouldnt want to...
  8. miketrek6500

    Night ride legally?

    IS there any were its legal to ride your bike at night?
  9. miketrek6500

    How fast?

    I was wondering how fast do you guys bike? Mph wise and how often you take a break?
  10. miketrek6500

    any one ride this often?

    Me and my friend are always looking for other riders. We live 5 minute bike ride away so we go to round valley often. Were 16 and really slow since my friend is 270 i have to slow down 99% of the time.. Just wondering if there's any riders out there open to share hints and etc...
  11. miketrek6500

    Question about job

    How old do you have to be to work at a bike shop? I'm fifteen and turning sixteen real soon:D and i was wondering if i would be able to get a job at a bike shop.
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