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    looking for architectural drafting help

    right now im working in Acad 2004LT. Ive got the base plans drawn and laid out. I would need someone to set up the plot sheets insert proper xrefs for title sheets, and perform any mark ups/redlines that i create and draw some details. i would guess that its about 5-6 hours of work.
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    Looking to Rent a commercial kitchen

    My wife is trying to set up a business making pickles. She needs a health department licensed facility in order to process and pack the food. She is looking for a short term rent or lease or possibly to rent out an existing deli/restuarant and use it in the off hours. Thanks
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    looking for web designer

    i've got two companies that i need web pages for. i know pretty much what i want graphically but i just dont have the time or the technical ability to get them up and running thanks matt
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    Looking to borrow/barter some homebrew equipment

    I've just started into the homebrew scene. ie. i've got one batch in secondary, and I'm about to start my second batch. Right now I'm trying to create my own hard cider. This weekend I plan on going up to the local cider mill to purchase raw cider in bulk but I have a limited number of...
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    WANTED PC Computer

    Looking for a used computer desktop or laptop, in running condition. WIndows XP preferred but not necessary. Looking to run basic MS Office applications and internet surfing. Monitor not necessary Thanks
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    south mountain

    any updates or progress as to whats going on here?
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    anyone running 1x9

    after drinking the ss kool aid ive been riding my geared bike a whole lot differently (ie more standing and mashing as opposed to spinning) as a result im not using my granny at all and i have yet to really have a need for the big ring (other than a bash guard) so my thoughts have bee going to...
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    GSP vs BJ Penn

    I say GSP TKO in three
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    recipe sub forum under nutrition

    people were talking about recipes in one of the other threads... how about a sub forum and is there anyway we could add some way to rate the recipes? # of stars or something?
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    Viking Downdraft VIPR161SS 36" & VEDV 900

    This is brand new in the box Stainless Steel 36" Wide Rear Downdraft with Controls on Intake Top - VIPR (36" width) and remote VEDV900 Viking 900 CFM Exterior Ventilator I also have some 12" duct and elbows for it I paid 1800 for it looking to get 1200.
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    anyone been to kingdom trails?

    thinking about planning a trip next year when would be thebest time of year to go?
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    watchung ride 1/18

    all right time to fess up someone on this forum has to be part of the 10+ riders that were on the trails yesterday ... one group of 8 (i actually saw these guys) one single rider (tracks only) another group of two riders (tracks only)
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    conditions @ lewis morris

    anyone know the conditions @ LM ?? i was thinking of heading there this weekend
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    Poll: Who Races - With a lot of discussion after

    I personally fall into the latter category. However, call it a midlife crisis or watching too much fight club. I'm questioning my motivation, or lack there of as a rider. As a former competive athlete I always rode to "have fun" and now I think I'm looking for something else. After playing...
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    6 mile thanks to the dudes who led us out

    first of all - it was my first ride @ 6 mile yesterday thanks to all who put in the trail building efforts there holy s what a great great place. it is SS heaven!! thanks to the dudes (one on a white jekyl and the other on a orange niner i couldnt really tell you what they looked like but...
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    Cold Feet

    I've been riding a bunch over the last couple of weeks, and I've got my system down except I can't keep my feet warm. I've tried neoprene toe covers, and I've got PI over booties(shoe covers) and and combinations of different socks and the above. Part of the issue is that my shoes are sized...
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    got lights and want to use them TONIGHT?

    essex/union/somerset county area rubber down about 8 - 8:30 PM me if interested.
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    any one ice climb

    i havent been out in a couple of years and am looking to get back out this year
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