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  1. stevie.mtb

    Best App for Offline Navigation?

    Does anyone recommend an app for IOS that can give me turn by turn directions without using data? From what I understand I cannot follow a Strava route without burning data. Since I don’t have unlimited, I’m looking for an alternative. Thanks
  2. stevie.mtb

    Seat Cover Recommendations

    Looking to preserve my seats from the dirt/grime/mud/etc that comes with mtb and outdoor activities. I want something that's quality and custom fit so there's none of that bunching up and sliding around crap. I've read into Wet Okole, CoverKing, and Marathon to name a few...yet read both very...
  3. stevie.mtb

    XT vs. Sunrace Cassettes?

    Currently running an XT M8000 cassette (11/42), 32 chainring up front and a KMC x11SL chain on my trail bike. Also using an XT M8000 rear derailleur. My chain and cassette have seen their day and need to be replaced. I've heard about the Sunrace cassette because it is a hair lighter/cheaper...
  4. stevie.mtb

    Which Garmin?

    I am looking to get my hands on a Garmin cycling computer. My main requirements are: 1) enough battery life for a full day adventure 2) turn by turn mapping [that works] where I can download a route off strava [or similar] and use it for the day. 3) not so incredibly expensive where I have...
  5. stevie.mtb

    Gravel Route Recommendations? Gravel Tires?

    Does anyone recommend/have gravel focused routes in the central NJ area? I'll take route options north or south too but I like to keep my rides local so I don't eat up the day driving to and from. Also, my "road" bike is a Giant Escape. I ride her with 32c tires now. Is it worth the extra...
  6. stevie.mtb

    Riding Packs/Hip Packs

    Anyone have a 2015-16 Fox Racing Oasis Hydration Pack? Looking to get my hands on one of these but also considering options from Dakine. Any info would be appreciated!
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