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    Wanted: Size 8.5 Womens MTB shoes

    I have a pair of Pearl Izumi that were used as a spare pair. A little dirty but in great condition. These are size 40 Euro. I wear a women's 8.5/9 shoe. Will sell them for $25.
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    Women Specific Road Bike for Sale

    Hello Ladies! I am selling my old road bike to make room for a new cross bike! Bought new in Spring 2007. Rode for 2 seasons. The bike is in excellent condition. I can provide some pics if you want. Shimano Ultegra/105...
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    Lime's Disease AGAIN !!!!! Damn

    Sorry to hear that Jess. Rest up and hope you feel better soon. Miss riding with ya!
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    All Girl Rides: save the dates

    I'll be there for both!
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    How's the winter going for the ladies?

    Not to much mountain biking for me during the past few months, but I get on the Trainer about 3-4 times a week & have been doing 50+ plus road rides on the weekend. Other then that lots of skiing!!!!
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    Campmor H2H change in classes

    The changes to H2H age brackets are so minor I don't understand some of the negativity. I wouldn't care if the entire womens class was open. The more competition the better. I race because I love being outside, staying fit, and watching myself improve. Also, to attract more women to mountain...
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    Girl Ride Wish List

    Keep me posted on any weekend rides! I'm familiar with the race courses at Ringwood, LM, Kittatiny, JH & WayWayanda if anyone needed help leading rides.
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    '08/'09 season thread or something.

    I bought a pair of salomon boots at Princeton a few years ago because the salesman told me they were the best boot for wide feet and comfort...... that was a mistake....
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    Jungle Habitat, Who's In?

    Oooo awesome shots Ellen! Thanks:D
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    NUE Series Overall Results

    Congrats Ryan! I hope to try out one of the races next season :)
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    Jungle Habitat, Who's In?

    Yea, he pre-registered us for the race at the same time and forgot to change the race catergory for me. I will fix it Sunday morning. Yea, the traffic in the singletrack should be interesting... I have my game plan;) and like you said, you just have to hold it together and you should do great!
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    Jungle Habitat, Who's In?

    I'm in! Can't wait, JH is always a good time :D
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    Reba Question

    What is the price difference? I upgraded my bike this season and got the Reba Race Fork. I don't know tech stuff about bike parts, but the shop I bought it from recommended that fork for me for my size and for racing.
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    Girls ride Thurs at Ringwood?

    Shepards Lake Parking Lot sound good, then we can start the course from the beginning. Let's touch base later tommorrow to verify the time. Hopefully I can make it.
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    Girls ride Thurs at Ringwood?

    I would be interested in a Thursday or Friday pre-ride, but it would have to be sometime around 5:00pm.
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    Jorbafest Girl Rides

    Looking forward to some women rides at JorbaFest!:)
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    '08/'09 season thread or something.

    Big Sky????
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    '08/'09 season thread or something.

    Do you ski or snowboard????
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    '08/'09 season thread or something.

    Around September I start to do circuit training and core with the bosu and exercise ball about twice a week at the gym. I also will continue to bike frequently and run right up to the start of ski season. I usually do a trip out West in early January, so once the local mountains open I try to...
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