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  1. chemgirl

    A gypsy and her list obsession

    Shopping lists, to-do lists, places-to-ride-in-NJ list, Bike Parks in North America list, they go on. I love making lists. I like writing them on a physical piece of paper using an actual pen. If it’s a long-term list, I’ll resort to digitizing it. Something about checking items off is extremely...
  2. chemgirl

    Old Cycling Shoes to Donate or Giveaway Free

    I have several old pair of riding shoes, mostly kid/women sizes (sizes range from 38-41). Does anyone know somewhere in/near Hunterdon County that I can donate these? Or does anyone want to come take them for free?
  3. chemgirl

    Steroid injections for bike-induced Carpal Tunnel

    Over the years of riding, I have developed bike-induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I think I’ve read others on the board experiencing the same problem. Spending the last several summers down-hilling has exasperated the issue. I also suffer from Raynaud’s Disease. So, between the two, I can’t do any...
  4. chemgirl

    Fairmount (Belmont) Park Philly

    I'm going to be in Philly this weekend and considering riding Fairmount Park on Sunday. Anyone know the conditions? Is it ridable? Is it worth riding? I've never been. Any input, like direction to ride, would be appreciated.
  5. chemgirl

    Mothers Day @ Mt Creek

    I know this is a long shot......but will any ladies be at Mt Creek tomorrow? I'll be there with 2 out my 3 sons but I would love to shred some runs with some ladies if possible!
  6. chemgirl

    Mt Creek and rain

    First, does anyone know if this is the last weekend Creek is open? Second, if it rains do they usually close? I don't want to drive all the way up there tomorrow and have it close. Website is very uninformative.
  7. chemgirl

    Mountain Creek 10/1

    Heading to Mt Creek this Sunday to DH and it's been a few years since I was there (moved away for a while). Any women riding there Sunday that wouldn't mind me following their wheel? I would love some women to ride with. Post or PM me.
  8. chemgirl

    Shops that rent bikes?

    do any shops in NJ rent bikes say for a day or weekend?
  9. chemgirl

    Free 20" kids Trek mtb

    Free kids bike. Good shape. Gears and brakes work well. Must pickup in Frenchtown area. PM me for info.
  10. chemgirl

    Found rear wheel

    In canal parking lot. I'll drop it off at Halters.
  11. chemgirl

    Riding RV soon?

    If you are riding RV anytime soon (which may be the only place ridable with all this rain), please lookout for a pair of black rim, clear lens Oakleys. I lost them today somewhere between the middle and top of puke hill. If you find them please be genuine and PM me, I'll give you a beer...
  12. chemgirl

    Need some South Jersey advice

    I'm going to be in South Jersey (Cape May) and would like to squeeze in a ride tomorrow with my son. Estell Manor seems to be the closest. Will that place be a swamp after all this rain? Will it be an advantage for me to drive further to say Wharton and ride there? I have never ridden...
  13. chemgirl

    Round Valley, Fri 12th at 9:30am

    Anyone around Fri morning to ride RV? South lot, 9:30am. Riding to the 'trail closed' sign and back. I actually have time to go over the ridge and add a little riding on that side too if my legs allow.
  14. chemgirl

    Riding near Finger Lakes, NY?

    I'm heading up to Finger Lakes next weekend for a wedding and can not decide whether to bring my road or MTB. Does anybody know if there is a decent trail network up there?
  15. chemgirl

    Idlewood, PA

    I rode Idlewood, behind the Neshaminy High School, last night and had a blast. Anyone have any Garmin data for this place? Preferably the race course that the MASS Guy's Neshaminy Classic follows? Actually any data would do. I only rode 8.5miles due to the heat, but I led myself into several...
  16. chemgirl

    where did the rocks go?

    I'm riding up puke hill today and actually asking myself, "why did I used to think this was so hard"?? Then it occurred to me how 'smooth' it was. I think someone went a handpicked all the 'looser' rocks off of puke hill. So I started to pay closer attention. About 5.5 miles into the park...
  17. chemgirl

    I tasted the Kool-aid and loved it!

    I just may be moving over to the Darkside in the near future. Let me start off by saying that I'm 5'4" and a half. The past three days I've been testing out a borrowed small Giant 29er. The bike comes in a XS also. When I parked the 29er next to my Fisher 26er, the seat height and...
  18. chemgirl

    Salisbury, MD -Naylor Mill Park

    I discovered a very cool little park down in Maryland last week, called Naylor Mills Park. The eastern shore of Maryland is flat as a pancake, so I never dreamed I would find a good place to ride. To my surprise, this park was only 2.5 miles from my in-laws house and very cool. The place...
  19. chemgirl

    idiots guide to changing a road flat

    I'm not at all a techy..... I can change my MTB tubes/tires, I can change my own brake pads, that's about it. I just love to ride. Anyway, after one full year of riding my 'new' road bike I finally had a flat. Luckily I was at home. Removing the tire and tube was no problem at all...
  20. chemgirl

    How to build skinnies, ladders, etc?

    Does anyone know of a site with information on how to build structures such as skinnies, ladders, teeter-totters, etc.? I would like to build some of these in my back yard to help me work on my balance. My kids are pretty excited about it also. I have about a 1/4 acres of tree-ed area in the...
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