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  1. knobbyhead

    How to unlock a Android phone?

    Hypothetically speaking, if someone had an Android phone and they didn't have the passcode is there a way to unlock it? Or should I just go to YouTube and there's a video on it?
  2. knobbyhead

    Hartshorne deer hunt Dec 7,9,15,17 and Jan 6

    They park will be closed untill noon on these days for deer hunting.
  3. knobbyhead

    Address for matching funds.

    Yes it's the time of the year for matching funds. Our company is requiring that we mail it to the organization What's the mailing address for jorba? Is this it? Jorba 43 Ramapo Road Hewitt, NJ 07421
  4. knobbyhead

    Yard machine 5hp walk behind leaf blower. $150

    Runs good, just put on a new b&s carb. Fresh oil. Low use.
  5. knobbyhead

    cat excersize wheel free aka the stargate

    Was given this and my cats have no interest in it. It's approx 46 " round. Located near hartshorne.
  6. knobbyhead

    thule raceway pro 2 trunk rack 9001pro $100

    New in box. Selling for a friend. Located in bound Brook area. New in box
  7. knobbyhead

    woman's small trek navigator 2.0 comfort bike $400 bo

    I know this is a far deviation from the bikes being sold on here. But told a friend I'd try to sell her bike. 13.5 inch woman's navigator 2.0 comfort bike Low miles comes with bike rack. New it was $499. But it and it will make alaire and 6 mile exciting again!! Bike is on Marlboro, NJ...
  8. knobbyhead

    26 is dead. So who here has a high end non-boost 26 inch wheel collecting dust?

    Now that my trance is rocking a pretty nice front wheel thanks to @DanBrodeen , my crappy old rear wheel is looking pretty sad. That's because it is. So who has a nice 26 non boost 135 x 12 mm quick releasedisc compatible rear wheel that's collecting dust? I'd take a stans rim on a nice...
  9. knobbyhead

    "next off the island"

    Should I be concerned? is this like getting a demerit? So I need to up my game?
  10. knobbyhead

    2013 jamis dragon steel 853 27.5 wheels-medium $800

    Added I'm 5' 7" and it fits me. However, I'd say you could be shorter and it will fit fine with a shorter stem. It's a modernish new geo with 68 degree ht and 425:chain stays. Up for sale is my medium 13 Jamis Dragon 650b, it's made of 853 steel and has an amazing ride. It was purchased...
  11. knobbyhead

    2020 trek fx3 disc xl hybrid bike 60 cm $600 b/o

    Located in Jackson - down the street from Glories deli Selling for a friend. He bought a bike too big for him - in very good shape Stock
  12. knobbyhead

    med soma 485 ss for $125 in scranton pa on fb

    Someone should buy this .
  13. knobbyhead

    phone found alaire

    Not mine saw on fb
  14. knobbyhead

    iso 26" fox fork 130 140 1 1/8 straight 15 mm axel

    So - I own Jamis dragon with 27.5 wheels and a 120 mm loop fork with 15 mm axels. I'm tired of sending the fork into service. And I just found out a 26" wheel fox fork will fit my 27.5 inch tires. So does anyone have any old but working 26" fox forks that would fit a straight headset...
  15. knobbyhead

    free bike box

    In northern monouth cnty. Anyone need a bike box? No I didn't get a giant.
  16. knobbyhead

    random people following on strava why? or wierdest request to follow on strava

    I've had a few requests for people to follow be on strava. People of people I know. Why? Cause it motivates people to ride more? Actually it does motivate me so there. Question answered. The wierd eat one was from some wacky lady from long island that met on the 5 boro bike tour. She...
  17. knobbyhead

    any frame welders here?

    A friend broke the hanger off on his steel all city space horse. Any frame welders here? @Dave Taylor ? Or any other suggestions?
  18. knobbyhead

    auto tools:strut compressor, compression tester, timing light cheap!!

    Like the title says, I have the following: Strut spring compressor:missing the safety things Timing light Compression tester. Anyone want? Looking to trade for wide bars (31 not the new 34) or tubes. 26, 27.5 or 29. Just trying to clear out stuff. Located in monmouth cnty.
  19. knobbyhead

    iso straight 1 1/8 27.5 or 29 suspension fork 120 mm

    I got the 27.5 dragon with a straight fork. The fork is wonky. Does anyone have an old fork in the parts bin? Or do I just get a rigid and call it a day?
  20. knobbyhead

    iso straight 1 1/8 27.5 or 29 suspension fork 120 mm

    I got the 27.5 dragon with a straight fork. The fork is wonky. Does anyone have an old fork in the parts bin? Or do I just get a rigid and call it a day?
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