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    Need assistance with a Bicycle Corridor Plan, a Complete Streets Conceptual Rendering, a Walkable Community Workshop or a Complete and Green Streets for All Policy? These are just a few of the project types that can advance complete streets. Learn how your community can apply to receive free...
  2. jmanic

    Tenafly Bicycle Workshop, Tenafly

    How is there not a post here about these folks? FFS Need to call them out. Aside from the incredible commitment from Shep on promoting and engaging with the biking community (see NICA, PMTB, efforts to get legal cycling in Bergen Co, building at Sterling, etc), his shops are top notch...
  3. jmanic

    On-One Inbred SS Ltd Edition, Large (19.5"), 29" $600

    Not mine, but posted to FaceWall- Someone here might be interested
  4. jmanic

    Free oak hutch thingy

    Rough dimensions 63”H 31”W Looking at the unpainted interior, there some nice quarter sawn oak underneath that paint. I reinforced the interior shelf, but that could be replaced with a more substantial shelf to complete the look. No fire, no $20. Located near KVSP If it’s not claimed...
  5. jmanic

    Bubblewrap - free to good home

    Okay gang, I have a ton of used but clean bubblewrap/plastic packing materials I'm looking to get rid of. Places that used to recycle it (UPS) are no longer accepting it because COVID. Most pieces are 1' square, with tape remnants on them. Perfect for wrapping small objects or just using a box...
  6. jmanic

    Curb alert- Ladies Specialized comfort bike

    My neighbor has this out at the curb- Visual inspection indicates anything that can rust has done so. Definitely needs a chain, and of course tires are flat. Size medium Suspension fork and seatpost (Full Suss- ROOF DROP!) Near KVSP- PM for address, or I can grab this tonight for future meet up.
  7. jmanic

    Canoe shell

    Anyone want a quarantine project? Pulled a fiberglass canoe shell out of the woods. Looks like it was a nice boat- wooden ribs/gunwales and caned seats. It's just a shell at this point, seems to be intact. Just posting before it gets cut up for bulk day next week..... (Fire/new bike not an option)
  8. jmanic

    Specialized MTB shoes - size 45

    Posting for a friend- Some old school Spesh kicks. Size 45 Little use, never mounted with cleats Asking $45 obo
  9. jmanic

    I need bike parts- help me UPDATE

    My man @jklett hooked me up with a vintage GF Montare (Thanks homie!) My goal, should you choose to accept it, is to make a flat bar gravel roader. Wheels on there for mock up and measure. Side note: can anyone help date this based on the cable stops? Looking at the pattern of these over...
  10. jmanic

    JORBA Silent Auctions

    Hi all- Thanks to product donations from generous industry partners, JORBA has some sweet stuff to auction off. Proceeds from these auctions will go directly to the High Bridge project funds. Current offerings: Santa Cruz Reserve Wheel Donation (Retail value $1599.00) Trek Precaliber 20" Kids...
  11. jmanic

    I've got wood! Firewood that is. Free.

    I am looking to have some trees taken down, and will have a ton of firewood available for the taking- probably about 5-6 cords. Can be cut to whatever length. It is from Tulip trees (a poplar?), it burns easy, but not the best in terms of BTUs. Good starter wood or for shoulder seasons. Pick up...
  12. jmanic

    High Bridge: NJ’s first professionally built flow trails on public land.

    JORBA has some exciting news. High Bridge, NJ has approved adding directional, progressive, family-friendly, skill building bike trails to existing system leveraging proximity to pump track, Columbia Trail and Nassau Trails system to further establish High Bridge as a destination MTB venue...
  13. jmanic

    Tenafly Bicycle Workshop Events 2019

    Hey gang- As always, some great things going on out of the shop here this year. They have planned your summer for you! Calendar of events: Demo rides wrap up with campfires and BBQ! Click the link titles for full details. And as always, stay on top of local...
  14. jmanic

    Mooch Madness 2019 (4/28)

    How is this not a thing yet??? Insert race details here
  15. jmanic

    What’s this uniform?

    So this was passed along to me- Belonged to a great-great uncle (if there is such a thing) I never met. Little is known about his service, but WWI or II. I can figure out he was a DAV from Hartford, but what’s the uniform? Any details you can fill in are appreciated. paging @Carson and @KenS
  16. jmanic

    Northern Valley Greenway

    The Northern Valley Greenway Is a concept for an 8-mile-long, linear park running through six towns in Bergen County: Tenafly, Cresskill, Demarest, Closter, Norwood & Northvale. RESCHEDULED: Information session Tuesday March 5th, 5-8pm THE MEETING The...
  17. jmanic

    Smart home smart devices

    There has been some talk of these things, but I don’t think there’s a thread for this yet. Looking to enter the smart home market with a thermostat (heat only) with humidity sensor, maybe drip sensors and smart outlets. I don’t plan to have Alexa or the like. Voice activation and geofencing...
  18. jmanic

    Photoshop Steve Thread - Win Cash and Prizes!*

    It is what is says, looking for the hive here to come up with good photoshops of this original image: *there are no cash or prizes, but it’s winter out, let’s see what you got. Early entries: @MissJR @Magic @Magic @MissJR @MissJR @MissJR
  19. jmanic

    Volunteer needed- Alpine Scout Camp

    Shepard from Tenafly Bicycle Workshop and the Palisades Cyclones NICA squad is looking for help at the Scout Camp. Help is needed working with him and scouts doing trail work and clean up. Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-3 through August. If you are interested, please contact Shepard via...
  20. jmanic

    Tenafly Bicycle Workshop events 2018

    Hey gang, Just a list of some things happening at Tenafly Bicycle Workshop this year- TBW is a great shop that is working hard for our local trail access, and still makes time to put together some great outings. Here are the group rides they have planned, including the Gravel Camp series, and...
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