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  1. Matt_

    Allaire State Park - JORBA Trail Maintenance - Oct/Nov/Dec

    The next 3 TM days are: Sunday Oct 24 Sunday Nov 7 Sunday Dec 5* *It currently looks like we'll be safe through Nov 7, but Dec 5 is temperature/weather dependent. Meet at Hospital Rd lot, 8am start, back at the lot by 12pm, have some bagels, and hopefully a fun group ride afterwards.
  2. Matt_

    Allaire State Park - JORBA Trail Maintenance - Sunday October 3rd

    Come on out and help dig. Meet at Hospital Road lot. Start 8am / finish around 12pm, have some bagels, go for a group ride. Please RSVP using this link so we have an idea of the number of attendees and can plan ahead for trail team sizes/objectives:
  3. Matt_

    Allaire State Park - JORBA Trail Maintenance - September 12

    Come on out and help dig. Meet at Hospital Road lot. Start 8am / finish around 12pm, have some bagels, go for a group ride. Please RSVP using this link so we have an idea of the number of attendees and can plan ahead for trail team sizes/objectives: Next...
  4. Matt_

    Schwinn 270 Recumbent Stationary

    I guess technically not a bicycle but also not bits and pieces... This is the classic "purchased and used twice" home exercise equipment. Want to find a new home for it and make way for my wife's zwift station. Stock images Size = yes $350 Located 08533. Could negotiate delivery, especially...
  5. Matt_

    Who does one call to reinstall a chimney vent???

    Drunk Santa knocked this off my roof last night.... any suggestions??
  6. Matt_

    Anyone do their own phone screen repair/replace?

    Looking to fix up a phone with a busted display (Galaxy S10+). Doesn't look terribly difficult and i'm always up for learning new tricks. Biggest issue is deciding where to buy the new display from... looks like a lot of sites sell similar products. Wondering if anyone has had good/bad...
  7. Matt_

    Wanted: 29er disc wheelset, 135/100, 21+ inner width

    Helping my friend get a bike set up for his wife. Local trails have a lot of sand so he'd like to replace the stock wheelset, which has a 19mm inner width, with something wider and run a higher volume tire. Would also be up for trade + cash if someone is looking to turn an old bike into a...
  8. Matt_

    Wanted - Hope Pro 4 splined freehub

    Anyone convert to XD and have a splined hub they want to get rid of?
  9. Matt_

    Kuat NV 2.0 add-on

    We have two complete 4 bike racks so this thing spends most of it's time hanging in the garage. Stock photo below. Can take an actual pic when I get home, but its practically brand new- used twice and spent little time outside. $300 Located in New Egypt, frequent Allaire/Clayton.
  10. Matt_

    Wanted: cheap or free 26" wheels

    I know I know, the answer is fire..... baby steps here Finally got my nephew and brother in law to start riding bikes on the regular. He has an old GT Avalanche, and started popping spokes. Had him drop the bike off so I can fix the broken spokes, but am hoping I can find a wheelset collecting...
  11. Matt_

    WTB: 29er rims laced to fatty hubs (150/177)

    Long shot, but looking to test out some 29x2.6s on my bike this summer. Hoping someone built a nice set then jumped off the bandwagon and is riding boost like the rest of the world :)
  12. Matt_

    Riptide-Cawes Cycling owners on The Echelon Podcast

    Knowing how much you all love podcasts, thought I'd share this. Jeff & Teresa were interviewed about their women's cycling team: Riptide Cawes ( ) Enjoy!
  13. Matt_

    School me on hot water heaters...

    Closing on a house at the end of the month and the 18 year old hot water heater is getting swapped ASAP. Natural gas btw. I have 4 kids, 3 of them being girls. My oldest (the boy) is currently 9, and the youngest girl is turning 4 this May….. so over the next ~10 year life this hot water heater...
  14. Matt_

    Anyone build a pole barn?

    Barring any major disasters during inspections I'll be closing on a house next month. One of the first things I plan to do, hopefully this summer, is finally build the detached garage/workshop I've always wanted. Started doing some research and quickly became overwhelmed. Anyone been down...
  15. Matt_

    Less baggy'ish MTB Shorts?

    What's everyone's go to for shorts? (Not a bibs guy) Looking to refresh my riding clothes. I primarily have Zoic Ether shorts... but they're a bit baggy (that's not my favorite fitting jersey either, will be ordering more of a XC version than the enduro when its kit ordering time) Today I...
  16. Matt_

    Wanted - XT Brakeset

    Just want both my bikes to have the same brakes. I know these arent highly regarded brakes here... no modulation or something like that. So hoping someone has some takeoffs theyd like to unload.
  17. Matt_

    2018 Trek Farley EX 8 - Basically New *SOLD*

    Size 17.5 Price $2600 Condition - mostly brand new.... seriously. Stock tires/wheelset/cassette/rotors have never seen dirt. Frame has two test rides at allaire, and one ride at Wiss using a carbon...
  18. Matt_

    Wanted: 10 or 11 speed for kids bike build

    Putting a bike together for my daughter and hoping to find a used 10 speed setup (shifter/derailleur/cassette/chain) from someone looking to upgrade. This is for a kids 20" bike, so used cassette with little life left isn't a concern. Or, if someone has a budget 11 speed setup (spline...
  19. Matt_

    FS: KS E30i Dropper Post - 31.6/100mm

    This is a basically new takeoff from my wife's Farley EX8. Only a few rides on it, looks like it just came out of the box. $125
  20. Matt_

    Jr MTB Ride - Allaire - Feb 10th

    Will be bringing my son JT to see our mtbnj friends off on their winter series ride Feb 10th: Would be great to have some other parents join in. The kids always have a great time riding together! Planning on getting there at...
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