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  1. frickster

    wanted used 29er

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced used bike for my 15yr old son who has outgrown his specialized rockhopper. He is 6'2 with long legs. I'd like a full suspension 29er but would consider 26" full suspension in his size - disc brakes required. I'd like to spend significantly less than $1k but...
  2. frickster

    Black Run Preserve Conditions

    Went out for a night ride last night for first time in a long time and although there has not been any recent rain, there was quite a bit of flooding in places. I don't know the trails well enough to tell you exactly where, but there were definitely spots I've ridden through before that were...
  3. frickster

    Add Kresson Trail to South Jersey list

    Can we get a new South Jersey area set up for Kresson Trail? I was out there twice this week and JORBA did a great job establishing this 3mi network right in the heart of Cherry Hill, NJ! Trail map is posted at the trail head and there are several interconnected trails with some great riding...
  4. frickster

    Wed Night Rides

    Are there regular rides now on Wednesday nights? If so, what time, approx how many people show and where do you park and start from these days? I was doing wed nite rides out of the Kings Grant Shopping Center parking lot with Jim and the group but haven't gone in a while.
  5. frickster

    Group ride or guided tour this weekend 11/6??

    Are there any rides planned this coming weekend? I have the trail map and would head out on my own on the orange trail, but wouldn't mind joining a tour since this would be my first time at Allaire. Thanks! Glen
  6. frickster

    Trail Conditions

    Was out for ride last Sat and trail was in pretty good condition with the exception of some overgrowth here and there. No sand and no standing water. We were the only ones out there all afternoon and parking lot was empty. Great ride and still highly recommended! Does anyone ever get up...
  7. frickster

    Night riding in south jersey?

    Anybody know where there is legal night riding in south jersey? I know there is a New Jersey Devil Ride in the fall someplace.
  8. frickster

    Night riding at Estell Manor

    Went for a night ride last night with my son to test out our new lights and was hunted down by the park ranger and told to leave:( Didn't realize they were patrolling at night and they have a dusk curfew. Luckily I got out of a ticket though. They even traced my license plate and called my home...
  9. frickster

    Please add Gloucester County College Trails to SoJo List

    I made this request last year, but it has not appeared under the SoJo trail listings. Lots of people use these trails and there are some steep descents and climbs that are challenging. There is even a teeter-totter to scare the bejesus out of you! Thanks Glen
  10. frickster

    Trail Conditions

    Anyone been out at Wharton recently? What are the trail conditions like? How is the new orange trail holding up?
  11. frickster

    Anyone been out yet this season?

    Just checking to see what the conditions are like so far this year. Was thinking of heading out there with my son this weekend and not sure how the trails are holding up with all this friggin rain:mad:
  12. frickster

    UNREAL MTB pics!!

    Hard to believe these pics are real but I guess they are! I get queasy just looking at them...
  13. frickster

    add Gloucester County College forum

    Hey -- I rode with some friends out at Gloucester County College this past Friday. Totally awesome ride and lots of technical stuff you wouldn't expect in SoJo! Several downhills and climbs throughout the course. Can you please add a forum to the SoJo list?
  14. frickster

    GPS recommendations?

    Following on the heels of my recent experience lost out in the woods at night, I have decided to add a GPS to my holiday gift wish list. Unfortunately, I know nothing about GPSs. :confused: I see that people post GPS trail maps. Do all GPSs have the capability to download these maps? I don't...
  15. frickster

    SoJo Thanksgiving Day Rides?

    Anyone plan on riding Thanksgiving morning in the SoJo area?
  16. frickster

    Saved by the Parks Police

    I don't normally like to highlight the really stupid things that I do (yes, there have been many), but maybe some others will learn from the multitude of mistakes that I made yesterday on my ride out at Wharton Forest.:cry: All I can say is thank G-D for cell phones and the great officers who...
  17. frickster

    Sunday 11/23 orange trail ride

    What time will people be meeting up on Sunday for the orange trail ride? Btw- how novice is it if it is an 18mile loop of trail riding? I'm definitely up for it, but seems like it would be a challenge for real newbies. I know that Sat is "Take Your Kid Hunting" day, so for the future, how...
  18. frickster

    Trail Conditions today

    Went back out to Estell Manor Park today. Just wanted to be sure that I had as much fun as I thought I had last week -- and I did!:) Lots of wet leaves made it a little slippery, but the trail itself was packed pretty solid underneath and we weren't leaving any tire ruts anywhwere, so...
  19. frickster

    Trail Maps

    Here are the scanned trail maps for Wharton
  20. frickster

    For all you MTB Deadhead fans

    Check out this cool MTB-related photo! My brother-in-law took this photo recently. He lives in Marin County north of SF, and is a graphics artist and the West Coast photographer for Relix Magazine. He took this pic at a party he was shooting. Marin is the birthplace of Mountain Biking and he...
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