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  1. DonnDenn

    Riding with your phone

    Hey what's up guys hope you enjoyed the awesome weather yesterday...I was wondering what you use to attach your phone to your bike I use Strava and I put it in my pocket but I'd like to attach it to my bike thank you
  2. DonnDenn

    Sunday ride

    this may be the wrong category but looking to maybe ride tomorrow and am looking for someone who may want to or a group new to the trails so also looking to learn a little south jersey area
  3. DonnDenn

    29er VS 27.5 VS 26

    whats the pros and cons i currently have a 29er and don't know what to make my next bike
  4. DonnDenn

    Ride 12-5-16

    Will anyone be riding tomorrow I'd like to get together and ride the new bike!!
  5. DonnDenn

    Noobie question

    Hey what's up guys so I just bought my first full suspension 29ner bike and it came tubeless but he said that the sealant may need to replaced...the tires look like they are holding air great can I just add sealant or do I need to pop the tire off and redo the process? Thank you in advance also...
  6. DonnDenn

    help set up bike

    hey guys whats up so I'm new to the biking world and I'm enjoying it a lot! well i just bought a new bike and would need help setting it up i figured id ask here before i brought it to the bike shop and they rape me with the cost and i can learn to do the things my self ill post a pic of the...
  7. DonnDenn

    2015 specialized hardrock 29er

    hey what's up guys I have this bike I got it and it's too big so I'm going to try here first before I go to the store and try to trade it I'll also take trades for a small or medium from this is a large basically brand new I can't upload pic give me a text and I'll send you what ever you need...
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