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  1. Ryan.P

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    Was going to charge my lights but sounds like I'll be busy instead lol
  2. Ryan.P

    Where to go for jumps and drops

    Checked out Graham hills today and was surprised on the size of the new jump line , overall a really fun park .
  3. Ryan.P

    29" Fox Performance Fork- 160mm -$500

    Wheel size ?
  4. Ryan.P

    Brand new 29x2.35 Vittoria Martello G2.0 tires

    Great tires for north jersey rocks
  5. Ryan.P

    12" cleary kids bike 100$

  6. Ryan.P

    Ditching Clipless For Flats?

    Used to switch back and forth for certain races but was mostly clipped in . Went to flats full time couple years ago in the off season and just don't have any reason to go back . Trail riding was an adjustment but within a month I think I was climbing tech just as well as clipped in so I don't...
  7. Ryan.P

    2021 Park Rat Thread

    Creek released another 100 season passes at discounted rate
  8. Ryan.P

    Local makes parts!!!

    That purple is pulling at my heart strings 💜
  9. Ryan.P

    Increasing stroke on my rear shock...?

    I'd just kill two birds with one stone and send it out for custom tune and have stroke increased. Just adding 7mm alone will barely be noticeable and not worth the hassle imo .
  10. Ryan.P

    2021 Park Rat Thread

    Yea , so he got better pedals and 5.10 shoes and now can ride tech ok . He rode utah with us before the enduro race and had no problem. He still can't ride the second wall ride on alpine though and actually ate shit pretty bad , so I can still bust his balls about that now 🤣
  11. Ryan.P

    2021 Park Rat Thread

    Got 25 solid days at creek this year . Will most likely get another pass next year but also want to ride other parks more . Definitely more dh races as well it's just more exciting than enduro . My friend is also dead set on riding fort hill at thunder next year so that will prob happen yolo .
  12. Ryan.P

    Eagle GX or better derailleur and shifter

    I have xo1 eagle shifter and derailleur brand new , also have trp quadium brakes used handful of times can give pretty good price as package deal lmk
  13. Ryan.P

    Weird bikes, bike innovation and bike contraptions

    Nothing new for bold theve been doing that for many years . Think they either sold rights to Scott or helped with new design 🤔
  14. Ryan.P

    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    My bikes have alot of pedal kickback , this is supposed to eliminate it . Probably not an issue for most people and bike designs but with my broken and pieced together bones I'm just trying to maximize send to pain ratio .
  15. Ryan.P

    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    O chain active spider .
  16. Ryan.P

    SRAM axs reverb dropper post sold

  17. Ryan.P

    Where to go for jumps and drops

    Not really, mostly doubles that have some sort of gap . I mean you won't die but not really any table tops . Sometimes you just have to send it .
  18. Ryan.P


    If only a medium I'd probably pick this up
  19. Ryan.P

    Wheelbase and Head Angle

    Probably but why would anyone want to do that to a bike lol 😆
  20. Ryan.P

    Versus tire poll !!

    Ewww , if the price was right I'd possibly consider trying them but at those prices I'll just get tried and true maxxis and schwalbe. Not as bad as white tires but very close behind IMHO 🤣
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