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  1. Dave Taylor

    Consolidating and saving the Benjamins.

    I know there is a topic discussing cutting the chord and such but figured what better time than now to call it what you want but "save money" "spend less" "be more conservative" "be smarter with your money" etc...big changes coming for the Taylor household and I will go as far as to say most...
  2. Dave Taylor

    Tannus tubeless mtb tire insert review.

    I am writing a review of the Tannus insert(the solid one). I had a great track record of minimal flats while running Bontrager Rhythm Pro, Stans Valor and several other carbon and aluminum wheels but once I purchased my latest wheels they have been a pain in the ass. I bought Crank Brothers...
  3. Dave Taylor

    Infrared portable sauna for detoxifying and recovery?

    I’ve been wanting one for a while. Not sure whether spending $2000 gets me more than spending $200? Thoughts and recommendations?
  4. Dave Taylor

    Assault at Big Brook Park

    Figured I would share this.
  5. Dave Taylor

    USAC Marathon Nats and relocation

    Pretty awesome to race the nationals this last weekend. No excuses. I had a great race despite being 4th. The other dudes were just hammers! I dropped a bottle early on and didn't realize it but rode from mile 6-16 with no water. Despite that I rode the course great and man was it a fuckin...
  6. Dave Taylor

    Wireless providers?

    Coverage aside, who has the best deals on a reliable network? Not a big streamer on my phone but need some data for the gram n such. So far visible seems the direction I am heading.
  7. Dave Taylor

    USAC marathon nationals Frederick, Md. Epic course !

    For anyone who is on the fence about doing this race…it’s a sick course! I wrote it yesterday with @Riggedfmx. Imagine if Ringwood, chimney rock and kittatinny had a baby. Some very epic gnar, flow trails, creek crossings etc. Very similar to North Jersey riding but very steep. The race is this...
  8. Dave Taylor

    Thule Ride-A-Long stem mount kid's seat $60

    Excellent condition. This was perfect for my daughter even til this day when she is 3 1/2yo. Located in Hazlet can meet between there and Newark. Dave 973-445-3329
  9. Dave Taylor

    Saris 2 bike hitch rack. $125

    Couple years old and a bit faded but works like new. Holds 2 bikes(one fat bike if that’s your thing). Dual cable locks 1.25” mount size. Buying a van so I do not need this.
  10. Dave Taylor

    Job hunting/career changing

    As most of you know we are relocating to Md. I am giving up my union job in pursuit of a less hectic lifestyle. Interested in a career change but questioning where to really look. LinkedIn premium? Direct on websites? I have a backup plan but realistically where is the best place to...
  11. Dave Taylor

    Trail/race bike?

    I recently sold my Pivot Mach 4sl. Great bike but I want something more capable. I race a bunch of NUEs but Gambrill state park and harrisonburg, Va will be my go to spots. Needs to climb good but capable of getting sendy. I feel like @UtahJoe was looking for something similar but a Bronson may...
  12. Dave Taylor

    Stormchaser 59cm like new with Zipps PRICE DROP!!!

    As title states. Maybe 50 miles total on it. New Zipp 303s wheels and Maxxis velocita 40cm tires. $2400
  13. Dave Taylor

    Stages SB20 smart bike.

    I bought this stage is SP 20 smart bike new last year. It is the same as the current version and works flawlessly. Are used it with The Sufferfest and a Zwift. It is compatible with many other apps.I did a bunch of swift races as well. I am only selling because I sold our house and I prefer not...
  14. Dave Taylor

    6 mile at 3:30 today

    Who’s in? Canal lot… @thegock owes me $8.
  15. Dave Taylor

    Possibly relocating. Looking for opinions.

    My wife and I decided to sell our house. Great, right?! We accepted a cash offer 10% over asking with ability to rent back until xmas. Well, long story short, it sucks trying to buy a house now. Inventory is shit. Prices are shit. Ultimately I am a bit burned out at my job, my area down the...
  16. Dave Taylor

    MTB and road tire sale.

    Cleaning out the attic! We are selling the house so here are some randoms I need to get rid of.Maxxis Aspen 29x2.1 pair used lots of life left. $30. Conti Race King 29x2.1 black chilly 2 rides on them excellent $60. Maxxis Ikon 2.2 3-4 rides excellent $20. Continental gran prix 5000 TL...
  17. Dave Taylor

    Lost wahoo, can I track last known pig?

    I uploaded my ride in pottersville saturday and between the pottersville fire house and my house I lost my new wahoo bolt. I did not have auto shutdown on so it should have still been powered on. It’s either on the side of pottersville rd somewhere or I through it out in a bag at quick check...
  18. Dave Taylor

    MVDP appreciation thread 2021

  19. Dave Taylor

    Zipp Firecrest 303 S hub driver?

    I bought a set of these wheels for my new stormchaser. I ordered them with the xdr hub to use as a backup set of wheels for my road bike. I would like to order a shimano driver to leave the ss cog onand leave the cassette for my axs on the xdr driver. Does anyone know the shimano part# I would...
  20. Dave Taylor

    SS DED

    1,2,3 at Mohican 100k were SS FS just sayin… SS is faster.
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