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  1. shrpshtr325

    Free (or beer) string trimmer and attachments

    Free to a good home if you want to mess with it, the powerhead stopped running on me mid job, i futzed with it a bit, new spark plug, ect, i think the coil needs to be replaced, but i dont have the patience to mess with it right now so if you want to its yours come get it, i can leave it out for...
  2. shrpshtr325

    sram gx not reaching 10t

    As the title says i have a sram gx eagle setup on my bike, i cant seem to get it to shift into the 10t cog on its own. If i have the bike in the stand and i can push (pull?) the derailleur it shifts onto the gear fine, if i have the chain/wheel off it retracts all the way the limit screw on its...
  3. shrpshtr325

    FREE! rocksox seal kit

    Found this in my parts bin, must be left over from an old bike, was going to toss it but saw that its still sealed and complete so if anyone can use it come and get it Rockshox p/n 604-308334-000 located in Union NJ
  4. shrpshtr325

    cuisinart tabletop propane grill

    same as below, but lightly used. i bought it when i was living in an apartment and wasnt allowed to store a grill on the deck/balcony area so i was able to bring this inside easily and store it in a...
  5. shrpshtr325

    F/S ultegra compact chainrings

    For sale are a set of shimano ultegra compact (50-34) chainrings (compatible with FC-68900 11 speed crankset) these were removed from a bike i bought after about 500 miles in favor of their fullsize teethier brethren, boxes are from their replacements. $100 OBO pickup in Union
  6. shrpshtr325

    Tire, pennies on the dollar

    1 schwalbe hans dampf, used as a front tire for ~600 miles, still has some life left, but I replaced both at the same time when the rear wore out. 29x2.35 $20
  7. shrpshtr325

    25kBTU wall mount/window mount A/C unit FREE!!!

    looking to unload the wall unit A/C that was in our house when we bought it, upgraded to central air and needed to plug the hole that this monster unit was using. its a GE 25k BTU unit, needs 220v (20 amp circuit), has sleeve for wall mounting, window mounting wings available according to...
  8. shrpshtr325

    tire sale: pennies on the dollar

    cleaning up the basement and getting rid of the below 1x schwalbe nobby nic 29x2.35 $20 1x schwalbe hans dampf 29x2.35 $20 1x bontrager xr2 team issue 29x3.0 $30 all tires were used on the front wheel only, hold air (when removed) and have some decent life left, i tend to replace tires in...
  9. shrpshtr325

    30t chainring $20

    Sram xsync2 boost offset(3mm) 30t direct mount chainring. Asking $20 lightly used swapped it out for a 32t after about a year.
  10. shrpshtr325

    FREE: 26inch tubes

    i found 4 26 inch tubes in my basement, free to a good home. if not gone by next weekend they are going in the trash. Located in Union
  11. shrpshtr325

    mrp ramp control cartridge

    has anyone used one? or looked into it? i (literally) stumbled across them while looking for volume spacers and torque specs to adjust spacers on my fork. @Ryan.P
  12. shrpshtr325

    SOLD: Sunringle duroc 50 wheelset $250 OBO

    Selling the Factory equipped sunringle duroc 50 wheelset off my stache. detailed specs found here Wheels are 36mm inner bead width, suitable for 29+ tires (i have been running 29x3.0 tires on them for the last year+) Wheels are built with Boost hubs...
  13. shrpshtr325

    winter bike clothes

    cleaning out he basement and finding clothes that i dont wear anymore for various reasons, but still have some life left in them $10/each unless othewise noted Located in Union, NJ 2 under armour cold gear compression leggings size L (one of these has a small tear that has been repaired in the...
  14. shrpshtr325

    Free guinea pig stuff

    We have taking up space in our basement right now the better part of a bag of guinea pig (small rodent/pet) bedding, about 1/2 (maybe a bit less) bag of guinea pig food and a partial bag of guinea pig treats, Free for the taking since we wont be needing it anymore (my wifes guinea pig passed...
  15. shrpshtr325


    i have up for grabs (i want them out of my basement) 1 pair (1 front and 1 rear) WTB velociraptor tires, still have some tread on them, not rated for tubeless use 26x2.1 1 continental 4 season tire, used but looks like very lightly so, i took this tire off a wheelset that i bought used. 700x28
  16. shrpshtr325

    Fun Fridays 2020

    Alright guys, new year, new thread! by now you should know the deal with this, there are a bunch of us who have Fridays off from work and have been using this time to explore. This is open to anyone who would like to join us, the weekends we are (tenantively) planning to ride are listed below...
  17. shrpshtr325

    Devils Tickets for 12/27

    we have two (2) tickets to the Devils Vs Maple Leafs game tomorrow night (12/27) that we cannot go to. Asking $50/ticket Section 102. @dnap
  18. shrpshtr325

    Free! 9 speed cassette

    I have up for grabs a used 9 speed cassette. shimano 11-32 Meet at trailhead or you pickup.
  19. shrpshtr325

    FREE: nobby nic 29x2.35

    I have 1 nobby nic tire,29x2.35 available for free to the first taker. the catch, it has a small hole in the sidewall that will not stay sealed so it is only good for use with tubes. (i have tried several sealants, they all open up again after a couple rides, its not worth my hassle anymore)
  20. shrpshtr325

    sram 9 speed cassette

    Used, SRAM pg-950 11-28 9 speed cassette. Used it for <1.5 years, but the bike it went on became a backup bike after about 8 months (and has now been sold) so <1500 miles on it. $15, or will trade for some good beer.
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