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  1. phillychris498

    Garage sale: XX1 Eagle Stuff, a 10-Speed XT RD, and a bunch of random crap

    Cleaning out my garage for parts and have some stuff with “value” and other stuff that I’m going to ask $5 for. post here if you want to call dibs on anything and we can message to figure out delivery or I starting with stuff with any value: XT 10 speed derailleur from 2016. Im unsure about...
  2. phillychris498

    Are 26” tubes still as valuable as gold for bike shops?

    I remember at the beginning of the pandemic bike shops could not get their hands on 26” inner tubes. Is that still the case? I just found 4 boxed up in my garage and figured I’d throw it out there to see if a shop might want them before tossing them.
  3. phillychris498

    Funny Satellite Images

    Occasionally, I peruse Strava heat maps searching for new trails or trail networks I’m not aware of. Tonight I decided to look at the Mahlon heat map... and I came across something I’ve never seen before on a satellite image: Don’t see it yet? I’ll zoom in further for you: a plane! The...
  4. phillychris498

    Worn Once: Lake MX241 Endurance MTB Shoes for Sale

    Pink Bike listing: I'll meet anywhere around northern NJ if you'd like to try them on or are interested in buying! Asking $300 for the shoes ($370 new and only worn once before I realized they're too wide). Willing to listen to offers.
  5. phillychris498

    Clipless MTB Shoes for Skinny Feet

    I'll admit it, I have 1 flaw: It's my skinny feet. I just bought new mountain bike shoes, but my ankle slips out of them a bit even when I tighten the boas around my feet because of how skinny they are. :( Any recommendations for a.) what I could do to make these shoes fit better or b.) a pair...
  6. phillychris498

    Convince me to buy an AXS Dropper Post

    I’ve gotten sick of my Fox Transfer and find myself tempting to switch to the AXS post. Anyone ridden one for a while that would recommend it?
  7. phillychris498

    NJ Backcountry Skiing Spots????

    I can’t help but be tempted to bring out the skis and hike for a few runs in the “backcountry” with the 15+ inches of snow forecast this week. Does anyone have any north jersey backcountry skiing spots they’d recommend?
  8. phillychris498

    Santa Cruz Megatower Hangers: $15 each

    I have no idea how I got 3 megatower hangers but found them in my toolbox. 2 of them are Santa Cruz part number 23-20090, and the third is Santa Cruz part number 23-20089. Let me know if you want them!
  9. phillychris498

    Wanted: GPX File for a Newbie to Allaire, or Tour tomorrow around 4

    Going to LBI for the weekend tomorrow afternoon and figured it’d be a good time to ride Allaire for the first time. I’m was wondering if anyone has a good loop they could send me for my first time there. Itd be cool to get a tour tomorrow, but my timing could be variable as my day goes depending...
  10. phillychris498

    New Derailleur Jockey Wheels; Wait Until I get a new chain/cassette?

    A month ago I took apart my derailleur to clean it and accidentally dropped one of the spacers down the drain while cleaning it (womp womp womp, laugh at me if you want). The chain rubs against the outside of the derailleur cage as a result; still shifts fine but I need to get new jockey wheels...
  11. phillychris498

    Allamuchy North Bouldering Info?

    I'm looking to get back into bouldering (Other than a test-session locally the other day, I've been off the rock for almost a year now) and was looking for info on where to find good V0-V3 rated boulders throughout Allamuchy North. I've seen some maps of boulders near the parking lot adjacent to...
  12. phillychris498

    Looking for a Large MTB (new or used, hardtail or dual), Around $1500 for my friend

    Hey all, My friend up in Massachusetts is really pumped about getting into mountain biking. He's looking to spend around $1500 on a large bike and is searching in both the new and used market. Anyone selling a large bike around that price point?
  13. phillychris498

    Intermediate Women’s Group Rides in central/northern NJ?

    Hi all! My mom has been getting more and more into mountain biking lately (just set up her bike with a dropper post). She rides Stephens and Nassau mostly and is getting more confident with her skills. She does have trouble putting together good loops for her skill set in Stephens outside of...
  14. phillychris498

    WTB: Truing Stand

    I gotta learn to true my own wheels. Anyone have a truing stand for 29er wheels that they’d sell to me?
  15. phillychris498

    Gloves that are grippy but wearable in horrible humidity?

    Need glove recommendations. Does the perfect glove exist? Will it fit? Please don’t acquit, but please recommend your favorite gloves.
  16. phillychris498

    New bike geometries and sizing

    Some of you may remember that I built up a new-fangled, model year trail bike this summer (and cracked it very quickly, but that’s another story). I was really excited for the bike, and while I knew going in that companies like Santa Cruz were making bikes longer, lower and slacker, I didn’t...
  17. phillychris498

    FOR SALE: Sector 9 Long Board, used twice, $80

    For sale is, from what I understand, an awesome long board. It was a Christmas present for me when I was in high school, but I could never get the hang of it. The board was originally $160, yours for $80.
  18. phillychris498

    FOR SALE: 157 CM Atomic Panic Twin Tips, Full Tilt Booter size 28 ski boots

    Clearing out the garage to help afford post graduation unemployment. All 3 items are local pick up preferred, or I can drop off for a little extra fee. DM me if interested. Item 1: $175 2014 Atomic Panic Skis, 157 CM, Marker Squire Bindings Used for 3 seasons, bought when I was 13 and used...
  19. phillychris498

    What's your favorite YouTube edit?

    I'm the type to look up a technical trail/double black diamond at a mountain bike park/ski area I'm planning on attending... while there are some duds, I love me a good YouTube video. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to Smugglers Notch all the time. I always wanted to the double black...
  20. phillychris498

    Help with Ulnar nerve entrapment/ulnar tunnel syndrome?

    I've had slowly worsening pain involved with my ulnar nerve for about 2 months now. It hurts to grip the bars towards the end of rides, even if they're only an hour or so. I noticed today during class that it hurts to write/grip a pencil, and even typing hurts. I'm going to physical therapy...
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