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  1. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    Good question!! I know that it's about 2 1/2 hour drive for me and I don't want to get up there and it be cancelled
  2. DonnDenn

    Rock Shox Monarch RT3 - 165x38/6.5x1.5 - $150

    Let me convince the wife lol I might hop on this
  3. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    I am running tubeless and I'll run that ball park thank you very much and I will see you there!
  4. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    Don't mean to steal any secrets but what would be a good ideal tire pressure for the course?
  5. DonnDenn

    March mayhem status?

    I was also with him and I was a little shocked at how another rider acted...I will continue to race but I will leave my competitiveness at home I'm doing it to meet and learn but I will be damn if someone will try to compromise my integrity and assume I cheated I was a little upset about the out...
  6. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    Specialized ground control in the rear and the purgatory in the fron
  7. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    I know that it's going to be a tough course I'm racing to have fun and meet people and learn I'm running 29x2.3 is that going to be fine?
  8. DonnDenn

    Ringwood rumble status?

    What should I expect I'm new to it I'm having a blast already
  9. DonnDenn

    Riding with your phone

    Hey what's up guys hope you enjoyed the awesome weather yesterday...I was wondering what you use to attach your phone to your bike I use Strava and I put it in my pocket but I'd like to attach it to my bike thank you
  10. DonnDenn

    $OLD! Rock Shox Reba RL 100mm 29", taper, 15mm thru $200

    Travel? Pics? Maybe interested
  11. DonnDenn

    Sunday ride

    this may be the wrong category but looking to maybe ride tomorrow and am looking for someone who may want to or a group new to the trails so also looking to learn a little south jersey area
  12. DonnDenn

    29er VS 27.5 VS 26

    i currently ride a specialized fsr epic comp 29er i think I'm going to look into a fatbike hardtail
  13. DonnDenn

    29er VS 27.5 VS 26

    I'm kinda convinced to look into a fat bike now lol maybe if I ride one I'll change my mind thank you for that opinion it really changed my perspective I never really broke it down that way
  14. DonnDenn

    29er VS 27.5 VS 26

    should have elaborated more lol I'm not a fan of the fat tires i don't like how they look lol i have 2.4 on my bike and really don't wanted any wider lol i think id try a 3 i guess what advantage does 29 give over 27.5+
  15. DonnDenn

    29er VS 27.5 VS 26

    whats the pros and cons i currently have a 29er and don't know what to make my next bike
  16. DonnDenn

    FS: MTN Bike Handlebars

    Are you ever down in south jersey?
  17. DonnDenn

    Ride 12-5-16

    Will anyone be riding tomorrow I'd like to get together and ride the new bike!!
  18. DonnDenn

    Yakima trunk bike rack $35

    I'll pm you!
  19. DonnDenn

    Noobie question

    Thank you everyone!!! I replaced the sealant and used my floor pump and put a tube in my bag I'm getting a new chain tomorrow then I'm going to probably order tires soon
  20. DonnDenn

    Noobie question

    Thank you! I wasn't sure if it builds up and gets gunkie
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